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August 13, 2020

Bangalore And Students: The Perfect Match

Don’t you just hate it when everyone just identifies you with one part of you? There’s so much more to you, but people only know you as ‘the funny one’ or ‘the nerd’ or the ‘tall one’.

Bangalore feels the same way. It’s known as the IT hub of the country, but if you care to look, it has so much to offer.

Especially for students

5 Best Things about Bangalore for Students

Here are the top 5 things about Bangalore every student should know:

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All the Great Educational Institutes

And it’s not just the engineering colleges we’re talking about. There are many of them, some of them being the best in the country. But if you wish to learn liberal arts, management, film making, mass communication and journalism, law, medicine, visual arts and more, Bangalore has a top university for you as well.

Life Outside College

Ask any professional you know, and they’ll tell you that the classroom is not the only place you learn skills that will help you in your career. And the melting pot of cultures that is Bangalore is perfect education to be open-minded, curious and confident.

The Start-up Culture

The spirit of enterprise. That’s one thing our education system should teach but doesn’t. Thankfully, Bangalore’s thriving start-up culture makes up for it. When you spend your formative years in the thick of the action, you might also get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Plus, a start-up is a great place to start your own career after college.

The Bangalore Weather

You’re probably thinking what weather has got to do with studies, right? But the first challenge every student faces as they begin college life is adjusting to a new environment. Now, when the environment is literally cool, the adjustment is going to be a breeze.

The Public Transport

It’s safe to assume that when students come to Bangalore, they usually don’t bring their cars and bikes with them. What they do bring is energy and willingness to explore the city. And Namma Bengaluru’s modern and efficient public transport infrastructure (the metro, busses, cabs and more) is their ideal partner.

Of course, the city is not the only thing they’ll explore when they are in Bangalore. For a student, stepping into adulthood, equal parts self-assured and doubtful, the garden city is a great place to discover their true potential.

In other words, Bangalore is a great city to explore yourself.

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