June 25, 2021

15 Best Adventure Places In Pune

Kudos to the ones who are always looking for fun things to do in Pune. You are the spirit of the whole group. You are probably the reason your lazy roommate gets up from the bed on most days. And you definitely deserve to know about some adventure places in Pune. From thrilling activities amidst nature to water sports to mud-marathons, this list has everything an adrenaline junkie could ask for. All of it within a decent budget too.

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Best Adventure Activites to do in Pune

Fun and adventure activities to do in Pune:

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Artificial Wall Climbing, Shivajinagar

Artificial wall climbing is one of the fun activities in Pune that you should definitely try out. There are many training centres in the city that will help you go from a 0 to 10 in rock climbing. So what if you’re not able to do this on proper dangerous rocks in the open, safe rock climbing with harnesses sounds good too.

Paint Ball, Kalyani Nagar

Paintball is one of the top adventure activities in Pune. This game of running, hiding and attacking your opponents is a great stressbuster and can be played with large groups too. We’re not putting any ideas in your head, but imagine how nice it’d feel to defeat that one snarky colleague who always shows off at work? Just saying.

Paragliding, Kamshet

Kamshet is one of Pune’s fun places when it comes to adventure activities. You can easily avail the paragliding services here and look at the city from above the mountains. And you don’t even need any prior training to go on this adventure. Get ready to look at some tiny humans from the sky, and feel what birds see every day.

Rappelling, Madhe Ghat

Nothing says “adventure place in Pune” better than a waterfall. The one at Madhe Ghat is not just a picnic spot but is also known for the thrilling rappelling services it offers. You’ll be tied to a harness (of course) and go down the slope of the hill, while the falling water drenches you completely. As you keep moving forward, the difficulty level keeps going up. But so does your adrenaline.

Bungee Jumping, Kunegaon

Bungee Jumping is one of the most fun things to do in Pune. Actually, that isn’t technically correct because you can’t do this activity in the city itself. But in less than 100 km from Pune at Lonavala, which is one of the best places in the world known for bungee jumping. People from both Pune and Mumbai come here to experience the nerve-wracking thrill. 

Trekking, Lonavala

While you’re still in Lonavala, another fun activity you can try out here is trekking. It is beginner-friendly, and not as dangerous as some others on this list. There are many tracks to choose from, all of them going through very scenic routes. And whichever you choose, you won’t complain. And given how simple the treks are, neither will your lungs.

Waterfall Rappelling, Karjat

We know we’ve already talked about rappelling before but hear us out. Regular rappellers cannot choose between the waterfall at Madhe Ghat and the one at Karjat. Neither can we. So we recommend going to both and settle this big waterfall debate for yourself.

Camping, Bhandardara

Another fun activity in Pune, especially for couples, can be camping under the stars. Picture this – you and your loved one amidst nature, far from work and deadlines, roasting marshmallows, lying on the grass and looking at constellations. We know this isn’t the typical “adventure activity”, but maybe the sound of a wild animal scurrying around will get your adrenaline high. 

White Water Rafting, Kolad

If you’re always on the lookout for adventure activities in Pune, there’s nothing you’d love more than river rafting at Kolad. Again, it’s slightly far from the main city so make sure you have a full day in your hands if you’re planning to go to war with water. Especially if you’re going in the raging monsoons. In which case, you better stay away from water altogether.

Kayaking, Kolad

River rafting might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but kayaking surely is. It’s more relaxed and fun than rafting. And what’s even better, you can either row the boat yourself or take just one more person of your liking. How does this sound for some quality time with bae?

Diamond Water Park, Lohegaon

Now, who doesn’t love a water park, especially during the summers? This place is called a water park but has now been developed into a much larger project – with an adventure park and a camping ground…whaaaat? The adventure park offers around 30 activities like rock climbing, ziplining, archery and much more. You can avail everything in one place. And the park is pet-friendly, so you don’t need to leave your friends alone at home too.

Go Crazy Adventure Park Ghera, Sinhagad

Two dams, a beautiful valley and an adventure park right in between. Wow, nature really worked as a prop for whoever planned this place. Depending on your schedule, you can come here for a day out or a night stay, and enjoy the most exciting activities – wall climbing, rifle shooting, bungee trampoline, to name a few. Listen to them, they’re really telling you to go all out and crazy.

Timezone Entertainment, Viman Nagar

Enough about adventure activities in nature, this one’s for the millennials and Gen-Zs. Two words – virtual gaming. Yep, this is what Timezone Entertainment offers and the games here are really good too. So good that you won’t even realise how the time flew from 11 am to 6 pm while you were battling a 13-year old.

Hadapsar Gliding Centre, Hadapsar

If someone told you that you could fly a plane, that too for just Rs 187 per session, you would probably think it’s a joke. But we swear we’re not joking. Visit the uber-cool Hadapsar Gliding Centre, get on a two-seater plane, and fly away. Just remember to make an advance booking because the seats are pretty much always booked. At Rs 187 per session, what else do you expect?

Mudathon, Nashik

If you’d thought you were done doing your share of fun things to do in Pune, sorry to inform you, but there’s one more thing left. Not very far from the city, at a roughly 2 hour-drive, lies Nashik. It’s the place where the Mudathon is held every year in October. The event has both individual and group competitions so make sure you and your group are ready to beat others. Just imagine it as playing Holi in the mud, but with a finish line to reach.

FAQs on Adventure Places in Pune

What are the Adventure things to do in Pune?

There are dozens of adventure activities in Pune that you can take part in are given below:

  • Lohagad Fort Night Trek
  • Della Adventure Park
  • Waterfall Rappelling

What can we do in Pune for a Day?

There are so many tourist attractions in Pune that it is not possible to cover them in a single day. However, you can check these places out:

  • Shaniwar Wada Palace
  • Aga Khan Palace
  • German Bakery

What are the Things to do in Pune on Weekends?

Weekends in Pune can be spent doing a variety of things:

  • Clubbing at SWIG
  • Entertainment at Adlabs Imagica
  • Shopping at Hong Kong Lane
  • Spending a peaceful time at Osho Ashram


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