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September 03, 2020

7 Ways To Make Daily Zoom Meetings More Fun

This pandemic has hit us hard in every which way you talk of, but you know life doesn’t stop for anyone! During this pandemic, our lives took a virtual route and transformed it completely. Replacing the old stepping out for work, remaining insides, and spending more time with our tech devices is the ‘new normal’. Most of our lockdown has gone by attending the meetings and classes on zoom or any other social media platform, which provides such connectivity, and it’s not ending anytime soon this year. So how about taking up potential ways to spice it up and make it more engaging, so that others are more interested and driven towards work?

Let’s have peekaboo into some ways through which we can make it more lively and engaging!

1.Switch It To The Video Mode

The old voice talk methods are boring and are less engaging in comparison to the new video calling method! When the other person sees you on-screen except for your physical absence, it’s nothing they can’t connect with you about. Make sure that you are connected with your audience via video and are interacting with them. This way, you’ll be able to exchange your dialogue in a better manner, also, this will foster the feeling of talking to that person in the physical environment too.

2.Dress To Impress

Whenever you are about to attend a meeting, make sure you are well suited up and presentable! Now since the virtual route is the new normal, let’s try and make it as real as possible to give you the real feels of the event and turn that meeting into a red carpet show too. This way, the meeting becomes more engaging and thoughtful.

3.Try And Fix A Theme

Why to always sit in front of the table and talk about things? When You can set a theme and make it more happening! Try and have different themes for different meetings, this is just another way of sprucing up your zoom meetings.

4.Hit Record, And Chill

Some of the time, we have to write down a couple of notes or in any event, meeting minutes to think back on after conversations are finished. 

As opposed to parting your consideration between taking notes and listening at the same time, you can basically hit the ‘Record’ button and completely focus around the gathering. 

5.Amp Up Yourself

Members have a decision of showing up on camera or not. In any case, if you will reproduce the gathering experience, at that point you need to have the camera on. Something else, the meeting table is vacant. Individuals need to know who they are addressing. So put your best self forward! Dress well, brush your hair, sit upright and spot yourself in an incredible recognition that is not loaded with interruptions.

6.Host Virtual Picnics

Same thought, however, send everybody lunch utilizing GrubHub or UberEats. You can let drives pursue the experience, or make it a selective proposal for your top referrers.

7.Vlog Your Session

Interview different bloggers or have a cozy communication session with your colleagues over Zoom, and post the recording or cut up clips on each blog as part of a tour. 

These are some of the ways through which you can spruce up your zoom meetings, try it out and see how fun your meetings become.

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