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7 Most Valued Languages to Learn In A Global Market

7 Most Valued Languages to Learn In A Global Market

Oct 26, 2020

Okay, since you’re reading this article, we’ll assume that you’re pretty good at the English language. And that is a major advantage. 

Today, the English language is the lingua franca. In more simple words, it is the language that connects the world. It’s the most spoken, it’s the language of global trade, it’s the language of geopolitics.  

But while having English as a language on your resume is a must, there are other boxes that you should also consider ticking. 


The most important business discussions and deals are not happening in New York or London right now. Some of them are happening in the growing economies of the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

If you wish to be part of that success story, it would be wise to learn the Arabic language. The World Economic Forum certainly thinks so. They consider it the 5th most powerful language in the world. 


Yes, knowing your way around this language will come in handy on the Portugal-leg your Euro backpacking trip. But we recommend putting it to use a few thousand miles away. In Brazil.

Traditionally known for its breathtaking style of football, Brazil has become a business powerhouse of South America. The world is taking notice of it. And you should too. Particularly of its language of business and diplomacy – Portuguese. 


If you’re learning Portuguese, you might as well learn Spanish, since they’re both pretty similar. But we don’t recommend it because it would be easy. We recommend it because it’s the second most spoken language in the world.

Being fluent in it will open avenues for you in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Chile, and of course, Spain. 

Mandarin Chinese

What can be said about the Chinese economic growth that hasn’t already been said? According to some experts, China is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy by 2029.

It’s not just a wave. It’s a full-blown economic tsunami. And if you wish to ride it, you need to know your Mandarin Chinese. 


There are certain experts who don’t consider French to be an important language in the 21st century. A 2014 article in The New Republic even claimed that we should stop pretending it is.

But maybe those people are not taking seriously the rise of Africa, where 11 countries have French as the sole official language. The largest continent has probably the most economic potential. And when the time comes, those who are fluent in French will definitely have an advantage.


It’s easy to be dismissive of German since it’s only spoken in 5 countries besides Germany itself. 

But that hasn’t stopped the German’s from becoming the economic engine of the entire European union. Add to that the fact that it’s an important player in European diplomacy and geopolitics.

You’d have to be blindfolded to not see the advantages knowing German can offer. 


Some might disagree with us here. Though it’s the third-largest economy right now, many experts believe the Japanese economy is stagnating and it’s no longer a powerful global player. 

But this tiny island and it’s hard working people successfully recovered from the destruction of World War II. Even today, it has performed much better than most countries against the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re confident that it can climb over whatever obstacle is in their way at the moment. And if you can speak their language, it’ll welcome you on the other side.