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6 Streaming Service Plug-ins So You And Your Friends Can Be Alone Together

6 Streaming Service Plug-ins So You And Your Friends Can Be Alone Together

Sep 29, 2020

What goes best with a movie? Buttery popcorn? Crispy nachos and red hot salsa? A cheesy, deep-dish pizza? 

Well, we’ll never say no to any of those, but nothing makes a good movie better than the company.

Jokes feel funnier when there’s someone else to laugh with you. Songs sound more melodious when you have someone to hum them along with. You’ll feel the bloody punch to the nose on the screen if the one next to you who also goes, “Oooooohhhhh!” in unison with you.

And man, do we miss company these days. Being in isolation, the memories of movie-time with friends feels like a classic black-and-white film. 

But what if we told you there are ways to shorten that distance that come between you and your buddies?

Netflix Party

With the Google Chrome extension, Netflix Party, you and your friends can sync up shows and movies that you wish to watch. Basically, now you’ll feel less dumb when you really didn’t get Dark, the series. Because now, your friends will be there with you, not understanding it either.

Amazon Watch Party

If you and your friends can’t agree on what to watch on Netflix, you can switch to Amazon Watch Party to stream something from Prime Video. It’s included in the website itself, so you don’t need an outside plug-in. And there’s a chat box too. So you and your friends can complain about how the new season of your favourite show has been a disappointment.


Scener is another Google Chrome extension that lets you host watch parties on not just Netflix, but also Disney+, Prime Video, Vimeo and more. And though we know you don’t like watching a movie with your whole friends’ list on social media, you can invite up to a million people.


TwoSeven is another plug-in that lets you stream movies and shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Vimeo and more. And it also enables you to bring out your inner film critic as you comment on the acting, direction and dialogues in the chat box with your friends. Plus, it works with Firefox. Because, why should folks with Google Chrome have all the fun?

YouTube Party

This one is not an add-on exclusively for movie watching. While YouTube has its share of movies, we usually log on to it for stand-up, news, politics, podcasts and other random videos. And you typically do it late at night, as you’re in bed struggling to sleep. So if there’s another night-owl friend of yours, with YouTube Party, you can struggle to sleep together.


Okay, we’re cheating here a bit. Watch2Gether doesn’t work for streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. But how many movies can you possibly watch, despite all the time on your hands right now, right? Watch2Gether is a website where you and your friends can listen to the latest episode of your favourite podcast, tap your feet to the same music despite being miles apart or to scroll through a news article to settle an argument. 

Or maybe even to read a movie review together before deciding to watch it or not. Whatever you choose it for, Watch2Gether and all the other apps and plug-ins in this list are great ways to bridge that distance that 2020 has created between you and your friends. 

We at Stanza Living are all about human connection. And anything that helps continue that connection, even through a laptop screen, gets a ‘yes’ from us.