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Sep 17, 2020

Wondering who would be the best ideal fictional roommate character be?

Now, we don’t wish to make light of a serious situation, but hear us out.

Bush fires. Favourite celebrities passing away. A pandemic. A tanking economy. 2020 is not just a year in our lives. It’s a full-on disaster movie. And we all are like characters in it trying to survive till the end credits.

What really helps in such a situation is a great roommate. Or you could say, an excellent supporting character who’d not let us be all by ourselves.

So, this got us thinking – which fictional characters would make the ideal co-living roommates?

Top 6 Fictional Characters Who Would Make Good Roommates

The list of ideal fictional roommates would be:

  • Jitu Bhaiya from Kota Factory
  • Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn-Nine-Nine
  • Todd from Bojack Horseman
  • Chandler from FRIENDS
  • Hermione from Harry Potter
  • Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

Now, why do we think that these characters will be one of the best roommates that one would like to live with?

1. Jitu Bhaiya from Kota Factory

Okay, it might seem unusual to live with your tuition instructor. But Jeetu Bhaiya’s no ordinary teacher. In a world where everyone is pushing and shoving to get ahead, he is like a warm embrace. Jeetu Bhaiya will be the roommate who’ll instantly be able to tell if you’re feeling low, and then offer some great advice too. Plus, he’ll help you out when you’re freaking out one night before your maths exam.

2. Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn-Nine-Nine

Many people would find Detective Rosa Diaz intimidating. Sadly, even in 2020, that’s the typical reaction a cool, confident woman gets. But imagine living with her, watching her own the room whenever she walks in and letting all that confidence rub off on you, so you can learn to be a boss, just like her. Doesn’t sound intimidating now, does it?

3. Todd from Bojack Horseman

We know what you’re thinking. Todd doesn’t have a job, doesn’t pay rent and pretty much lives off Bojack. But despite all that, it’s Bojack who needs Todd more than he needs him. Says a lot, doesn’t it? Todd is someone who can tolerate your drama when you live with him. And 2020 has no shortage of drama.

4. Chandler from FRIENDS

Of course, it’s nice to have a roommate with a sense of humour. And boy, can Chandler Bing crack a joke. But that’s not the only quality that makes him an ideal roommate. He’s dependable, great at advice and is willing to foot your share of the rent, electricity charges, grocery bills and more if he sees you as a genuine friend. Just ask Joey.

5. Hermione from Harry Potter

We don’t think Hermione Granger gets her due credit. Like seriously. There’s no way Harry and Ron would have been able to survive the entire series without her. And we’re not just talking about the exams. Because she’s not book smart. She’s just smart. And when you’re in a tricky situation and need a solution, it would be conducive to have the brightest brain in the wizarding world as your roommate.

6. Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

Now, most people consider Ted to be the nice guy, but Marshall Eriksen hands down wins that battle. He’s kind, cheerful, idealistic and has close to no sense-of-entitlement. A roommate you can always count on. That’s who Marshall Eriksen is. Also, the guy’s huge. So if you ever get into a fight, you just need him to stand next to you, if you know what we mean.

Unfortunately, there’s a little barrier to having a fictional character as a roommate – they’re fictional. But when you live in a co-living residence like Stanza Living, you’re assured of getting a roommate who thinks like you and has your vibe. And they can be your real-life Jeetu Bhaiya, Hermione Granger, Rosa Diaz, or any other one of your favourite modern characters.