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Sep 17, 2020

WARNING: Major cravings coming your way!

Pune is known for its colleges, its weather, its old buildings. But today, we want to stick to the basics, the very foundation of human existence – food.

Specifically, we’re here to talk about certain treats that all Punekar’s swear by. Because when in Pune, eat as Punekars do.

Pro tip: keep a hand towel handy to wipe off the drool.

1. Vada Pav at JJ Garden

So here’s the rule: You can’t be in Maharashtra and not eat a Vada Pav. That’s like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. And as far as Vada Pavs go, they don’t get much better than the ones you get at JJ Garden. The fresh, fluffy Pav is the yin to the crunchy vada’s yang. And the green chillies fire up the explosion of flavours in your mouth even further. Combine it with a cup of chai on a rainy day, and you’ll get a sneak preview of what heaven must feel like.

2. Bun Maska At Vouhman Cafe

A long time ago, someone at Vouhman Cafe thought of slicing a bun and slathering it with butter. 40 years on, it’s known as their iconic Bun-Maska. Yes, it sounds too simple, but isn’t it true about everything beautiful in life? Like the sunset, a walk in the countryside and a simple song on a ukulele. And they all go well with a kadak cup of Chai, just like the Bun-Maska. 

3. Patti Samosas At Akhtar Samosa

We’re pretty sure you have a samosa place where you come from that you consider the world’s best. And we’re also sure it’s fantastic. But if you are a true samosa-lover, you will not discriminate. And you’ll accept the Patti Samosas at Akhtar Samosa with open arms and, more importantly, a wide-open mouth. The pastry casing is thin, crisp and not too oily, and the filling is more generous than a billionaire giving charity.

4. Misal Pav at Bedekar Tea Stall

Okay, so you might have had samosas, but if you’re not from Maharashtra, a great Misal Pav is probably not scratched off your bucket list. And, tucked away in the lanes of Narayan Peth, Bedekar Tea Stall is where you have to go to try some legendary Misal Pav. Unlike the Misal Pav you get in Mumbai, this one is loaded with veggies. And the sweet and spicy flavour sends your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride. Only after this roller coaster ride, you want to eat even more.

5. Shrewsberry biscuits at Kayani Bakery

We’ve all had that friend who went to Pune and got us a box of the buttery Shrewsberry biscuits from Kayani Bakery. Then we gobbled them up in minutes and regretted not saving some for later. But if you’re in Pune, you get to eat them when they’re fresh out of the oven. And when those golden circles of buttery goodness crumble into powder in your mouth…









… oh sorry, we got distracted just thinking about it. We think we’ll take a trip to Pune and treat ourselves to these biscuits. And the Vada-Pavs, Bun-Maskas, Samosas, and Misal-pavs.

We suggest you do the same. Happy munching.