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Your second home in Ahmedabad

Best Hostels in Ahmedabad have opened their doors for you. But what's the reason behind it being Best? Finding the right boys or girls Hostel in Ahmedabad is key to making sure you fit right into the city. But, unfortunately, that sounds easier than it is. Because inside the “sparkly” ladies and gents’ hostels, there is no system of regular meals, a lack of COVID protocols, and ill-maintained rooms. Basically, even though the city is one of the fastest-growing, the mindset of some of the hostels in Ahmedabad still moves at a snail’s pace. It might make you want to pack your bags and go back home. But wait, it isn’t time to go back yet. After all, your adventure in the new city is just beginning. So what if it took you some time to find us? You’re here now. We have residences that leave any boy's or girl's hostel in Ahmedabad behind.

Best Boys and Girls Hostel in Ahmedabad - Stanza Living

What would life be like in the ‘best PG in Ahmedabad’? You come back from a visit to the kite museum, just wanting to bathe in hot water and crash in your room with air-conditioning? Or spent walking on the river bank and now want to use the unlimited wifi to watch your favorite web series? Whatever it is, Here we have a high-tech security system that makes the safe Hostel in Ahmedabad for Girls & Boys. Entertainment zones, non-stop wifi, fitness corners - you have the opportunity to do whatever you feel like when you stay with Stanza Living. And if you’re not feeling up to any of it, just eat some home-like food and take a good nap, just like you do at home. Now is it any wonder why Stanza Living comes to mind whenever someone says ‘best PG in Ahmedabad’?

Things to Look for While Renting a Hostel in Ahmedabad

Most folks will tell you to get your notepad out. And write down the many things to remember while renting a Hostel in Ahmedabad. Food, furnished rooms, hot water, that’s it, right? We agree these are important, but they’re not everything you need for a comfortable stay in a new city. What about high-speed wifi? Professional housekeeping to keep the residence perfect for your Insta photos? What if you miss your weekly workouts? Or is there air-conditioning to survive the brutal summers? We bet you forgot about these. Well, we didn’t. We thought of each and every little thing. That’s why we are the first choice of hundreds when it comes to choosing the best hostel in Ahmedabad.

*Denotes starting price. Prices may vary with room occupancy and attributes.

FAQs on Hostels in Ahmedabad

How to Search for an Affordable Hostel in Ahmedabad?

There is the world wide web and the thousands of Ladies Hostels in Ahmedabad that are listed on it. You could go through them all. But we have a hunch that your search will lead you to 

Stanza Living only. So while you're already here, why not go through our residences in the area and pick the one most suited to be your second home.

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How Safe are Girls Hostel in Ahmedabad?

There is one women’s Hostel in Ahmedabad that's fully prepared for safety for its residents, with a Multi-tier security system that is well equipped with all the safety parameters as we are more than just a Hostel. It's your second home. Stanza Living.

Which is the Best Boys Hostel in Ahmedabad?

For a Hostel for students in Ahmedabad to be ideal, it has to have a study-friendly environment. Does it have a system to take care of all daily hassles to free up time for you to ace the daily grind? Well, at Stanza Living we do have that system. And it works to perfection.

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How do I look for a good Lady's PG Near me?

We have some good news. You can get something more than just a "good PG". And you won't even have to look around that much. Just go through the Stanza Living residences and book your bed now. You're already here. So don't look back.

How Safe are Hostels in Ahmedabad During Covid-19 Outbreak?

In a battle against the pandemic, we’ve put our best suit on a COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework - that includes thermal monitoring, regular sanitization, no-contact food delivery, and more - ready to fight against all odds.

How Good are Food Services in Hostels in Ahmedabad?

The food in most hostels in the city will leave you dependent on Amdavad’s famous dhokla, khakhra, thepla to satisfy your taste buds. But we know you can’t have snacks for all meals of the day. To your rescue, come the delicious, home-style meals of Stanza Living.

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How is Stanza Living Better from Local PGs in Ahmedabad?

Stanza Living residences are like a fun sleepover with your cousins, while local PGs are the strict aunt who lets no one have any fun. Our houses are well-equipped with anything you’ll need on any given day, without the strict rules.
We'll take care of all your needs - from spotlessly clean rooms to things you haven't given many thoughts to, just like home.
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