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Your Second home inAhmedabad

Hostels in Ahmedabad

Guess you're on your way to living in Ahmedabad. But to book a room in a boring old Hostels in Ahmedabad will be the wrong start to your time spent here. The smart thing to do would be to find a place that not only gives you a room and meals but also adds memories and excitement to this phase of your life. And all you have to do to find such a place is to book your bed with us, Stanza Living residence.

Things to Remember While Renting a Hostel in Ahmedabad

While renting a Hostel in Ahmedabad, one thing is crucial to remember - pick one only if it is more than a Hostel. Because, news flash - the old, boring hostel accommodation is still old and boring. The Hostels in Ahmedabad you choose should not be a place you have to stay in, but one that you'd love to live in. And where else will you find such a place but Stanza Living - not just a Hostel, but your second home?

Best Hostels in Ahmedabad - Stanza Living

It's hard to list the reasons to choose Stanza Living over all the Hostels in Ahmedabad because there are so many of them. Everything we have, from the rooms to the amenities, to the tech-integrations to the community program, is everything that other Hostels can only hope to provide. But you know what? Instead of getting into the details of why we are better, we can sum it up in one sentence. a Hostel in Ahmedabad will be nothing more than a Hostel in Ahmedabad. But a Stanza Living residence will be nothing less than your second home.

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8,000 - ₹16,000
Portland House
Annapolis House

FAQs on Hostels in Ahmedabad

Do I Have to Pay Any Brokerage While Booking a Hostel in Ahmedabad?

Maybe. There are some landlords who deal exclusively with brokers, so there is no option but to pay brokerage in those cases. But you don't have to get into all that. When picking a Stanza Living residence for yourself, you can deal directly with us. And with our fair and transparent rental structure, you can see exactly what you're paying for.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local Hostels in Ahmedabad?

A local Hostel in Ahmedabad, no matter which one, will be like any other Hostel. With a Stanza Living residence, however, you get a place that you won't just remember as your 'Hostel', but your second home. And what a difference that makes.

How Safe are Hostels in Ahmedabad for Students and Working Professionals?

Only the local Hostels in Ahmedabad can tell you what security measures they have. What we can tell you is that every Stanza Living residence has a multi-tier tech-enabled security system in place. It includes biometric entry, CCTV cameras, and more. Because our residences can be your second home, only if you feel absolutely safe inside them.

What is the Best Way to Search for an Affordable Furnished Hostel in Ahmedabad?

We can help you with that. Browse through the list of Stanza Living residences. After that, we guarantee, you won't need to go anywhere else looking for an affordable, furnished Hostels in Ahmedabad.

How Much Will a Fully Furnished Hostel in Ahmedabad Cost?

The usual rent for a furnished (not always fully) Hostels in Ahmedabad is a few thousand rupees. But with Stanza Living, you also get a home feeling. And you can't put a price on that, can you?

How COVID-19-Proof are Stanza Living Residences?

When it comes to COVID-19, we have a strict no-entry policy for it. In such circumstances, no measure is unimportant. Be it regular residence sanitization, thermal monitoring, social distancing in all common areas, having a quick response team on standby, contact-free distribution of meals, or anything else. While their scale limits many Hostels in Ahmedabad, we have the resources and the network to make sure you stay protected from the coronavirus in

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