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Websites For College Information

Websites For College Information

Sep 29, 2020

One of the most exciting phases of college life actually happens before it begins. It&rsquo’s those two three months after school, where FB, Insta, and Snapchat take a backseat, and most of your time on the internet goes into figuring out on which campus you’re going to spend the best years of your life. Those who’ve been through that process know what we’re talking about. Those who are about to live in that phase, listen up.

Top Websites for College Information

5 best websites for college information are:


No exaggeration. Logging on to this web portal is literally like entering “the world of colleges”. They have the dope on 20,000 of the top colleges for Engineering, Law, Medicine, Arts, Design, and other streams. And an overview of all those courses as well. You can even check out reviews from current and former students of each of the said colleges. Think of it as the Zomato for colleges.


Another website like CollegeDunia is GetMyUni, which, as the name suggests, gets you to your university. Explore various colleges, courses, entrance exams info, and more to chart out the right future path for yourself. They also have tons of blogs on education in India, careers, fields of study and more, if you need more info. And even if you don’t, they’re great to read. 


CollegeBol is a college review portal, by students, for students. Because no one can give you a more honest assessment of a college than its students. They’re the ones who spend the most time there (though, to be honest, not always in the classroom). They’ve experienced all the ins and outs, and the ups and downs the college has to offer. And their reviews of the institution are as close as you’ll get to actually studying there.


If you’re one of those youngsters who’s really confused about what to do in life, we have some good news – most of us are. The other good news we have is that there are websites like YoungBuzz that, besides the college reviews, also offer online career counselling, with aptitude tests, personality tests, sessions with professional counsellors and more. So if you’re feeling aimless, youngbuzz.com should be your first destination.


StupidSid gives college ratings and reviews and then goes one step further. It also provides study materials and answers to previous question papers of universities and colleges to help you out during those stressful exam nights. You can also download its app that lets you study on the go. StupidSid is not so stupid, is it?

You can also go and checkout the information for top colleges in various cities

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