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What Makes Co-Living Spaces Ideal For Students?

What Makes Co-Living Spaces Ideal For Students?

Aug 13, 2020

Meet Aadhya. 

A couple of years ago, she left her hometown to study in her dream college. And just like every other person her age, she got advice from every random person. Especially about where to stay. 

One person told her a Co-living space would be best for her. And that got Aadhya thinking. 

What is a Co-living space?

She did some quick research and found out that a Co-living space is one residence that houses many youngsters like her together.

“But then, what’s new about that?” she thought. “PGs and private hostels have been around for years.” 

But digging a little deeper, she found out that a Co-living space is no ordinary PG or hostel. In fact, she found out that co-living might be the best option for her. Why?

Well, it’s Bang in the Middle of the Action

When students live together, they get to stay in a prime location by only paying a fraction of the total rent. So a co-living space is close to college, the coolest cafes, and is connected to the rest of the city. And Aadhya knew her college years would be full of life, if she stayed at the heart of it.

Also, Co-living Means Low Cost-of-Living

Living in one residence also means the expenses on amenities is divided between all residents. Also, those amenities would not be just the basics. A co-living space also offers housekeeping, laundry, wifi, gaming zones and more. So Aadhya would get more for every rupee she spends.

And those Amenities are of Professional Quality

Trained professionals would keep her room spick and span, and her clothes spotless. High-speed wifi would not let buffering interrupt her favourite series. And, perhaps most importantly, the meals would be curated and prepared by experts, so home-cooked food wouldn’t be the thing Aadhya missed the most about home. 

There’s Room for Both Privacy and Community

A student like Aadhya goes to college to, well, study. That’s why Co-living spaces provide single occupancies as well, so there is the peace and quiet necessary to learn the course material. But outside the rooms, there’s an environment ideal to learn new ideas and values from co-residents and their diverse backgrounds.

And What About Residence Culture? 

Well, there actually is one. Community living at a PG is full of movie screenings, game nights, workshops, seminars, and more. So when Aadhya finally graduates from college, gets a job, and steps into the real world to fill up her bank account, she would already be rich. In experiences.

Aadhya was convinced and picked a co-living space for herself. If you’re smart like her, so would you. And there’s no place better to start looking than Stanza Living. Go through our residence in the city of your choice.

And give your college years the start it deserves.