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Community Living at Your PG

Community Living at Your PG

Sep 17, 2020

When we design your room at Stanza Living, we think of it as more than just a room. We think of it as a cozy personal space with a splash of your vibrant personality, a place that you eagerly return to every day. And then we don’t want you to spend too much time inside it. No, seriously. We want your life at Stanza Living to not be limited to your room.

You see, when you come to stay with us in one of our residences, we don’t want you to just “stay” with us. We want your stay to be an experience. A series of experiences actually, that’ll give a whole makeover to your personality. So when you finally leave, you won’t be able to recognise the person you were when you walked in the first time.

Sounds too far-fetched? Fair enough. Let’s go into the details.

Pros of Community Living in PG:

Here are the perks of community living in PG:

  • Chilling
  • Festivities
  • Career and Networking
  • Clubs
  • Exclusive Brand Privileges
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Life can sometimes feel like running on a treadmill, with the speed at 11. And you just need to slow things down. You need to grab some popcorn and spend a chilled-out evening with our pals at one of our movie screenings. You need to tap your feet to tunes performed by your fellow Stanzens on our live music nights. You need to also pick up that table tennis bat and let off some steam at one of our game nights. Because sometimes, slowing things down is a good way to speed up your overall growth.


Stuffing your face with ghujias on Holi. Breaking a leg (and occasionally each other’s fingers) while doing the Ghabra during Navratri. Overloading your phone’s memories with selfies on Diwali. That’s just the beginning of the fun during festive celebrations at Stanza Living. They are opportunities to make memories with your fellow Stanzens that will last a lifetime (and we’re not talking only about those selfies). After all, festivals are the time to spend with family. In this case, your Stanza Living family.

Career and networking

We know. Parents always suspect their kids are busy partying instead of focusing on their careers. But when you stay at Stanza Living, your folks will be able to chill. Because they’ll know that you get to participate in workshops that help you develop communication skills to own every meeting room, to craft a resume that can’t be ignored, and even get tips to bring out the entrepreneur in you.


So you’re a budding Marco Polo? Maybe your best friend is your guitar? Maybe the best way you express yourself is on stage? Or maybe you have some other hobby. The Stanza Travel Club, the Stanza Music Clubs, the Stanza Dance Club, and other communities will be perfect for you. Basically, if you have any such interest, we are interested in helping you explore it.

Exclusive Brand Privileges

Do you smell that? Seems like your non-Stanzen friends are burning with envy. Because they don’t get the exclusive brand deals, experiences, and privileges that you get as part of the whole Stanza Living experience. From pan-India names like Urban Company and Yatra.com to local cafes, book stores, and more, we have a wide range of partners who are looking forward to pampering you.

Now, this is not just talking. We are a hundred percent committed to community life at Stanza Living. Even during the lockdown, we conducted online activities to give everyone something to look forward to and to lift up spirits.

Proof that even when life forces us all into our rooms, life at Stanza Living won’t be limited to them.