Libraries in Jaipur

Libraries in Jaipur

Have you been searching for a library in Jaipur? And you’re new to the city? Aaaaand you’re looking for a community of book-lovers like yourself? Well, no worries. The pink city’s got you covered. Because the city breathes art and literature like no other (ever been to the Jaipur Literary Festival?). So finding a public library in Jaipur – where you can chill with your fellow bookworms – is super easy.

But do you know what’s not easy? Finding the time and mental space to do your favourite things. Or to visit your favourite little places. Because when you’re in a new city, things can get quite hectic. So you need someone who’s got your back. And that’s where we come in. We at Stanza Living are all about making life easy for you. Just look at our Stanza Living residences in Jaipur for proof. We save your time by preparing your meals, cleaning your rooms and taking out your laundry. Plus, we have a chill common area where you can find all the mental space you need. Thanks to our comfy bean bags, pool tables and more. So you get enough of both of the ingredients (time and mental space) to cook up a chill routine. A routine that can even fit going out to any of these best 5 libraries in Jaipur’ every now and then. Or every freakin’ day, we don’t really mind!

Best Libraries in Jaipur

Top 5 Libraries in Jaipur:

Looking for a place that guarantees a chill everyday routine? Check out our residences in Jaipur.

Radha Krishnan Central Library, Gandhi Nagar

The RadhaKrishnan Central Library Pune was established in 1957. So you can imagine the number of books (and research papers) in their collection. Plus, they have a cabin system for readers. Which also reminds you of the net cafes back in the day. You know where you used to go and look at – wait for it – your board results. Wait, what else were you thinking about?

BAGS, Swej Farm Link Road

B.A.G.S stands for Books, Activity and Game Store. There, families could look around, borrow books, and let their children pick up new hobbies. They offer over 5000 books for children, 2500 DIY hobby kits and even loads of toys. So this will be a fun and healthy experience for your tiny nephews and nieces. Far better than learning to code’ before they learn to frame a basic sentence. Ahem, ahem.

Government Maharaja Public Library, Chaura Rasta

More popularly known as the Government Library Jaipur’, the library is a historical place in itself. Mostly because it looks more like a haveli than a typical government building. On top of it, it has an open courtyard in the middle with surrounding reading rooms. Probably the most appropriate place to sit with a cup of coffee and a William Dalrymple book.

Shubham Readers Paradise, Gopalbari

Another one in the list of best libraries in Jaipur’ is Subham Reader’s Paradise. It has a mind-boggling collection of over 7,000 books. Plus, if you are into comics, you’ll find plenty of editions (including Marvel and DC) here. A lifesaver for folks who’d like to know more about their favourite superheroes after watching the films. So yes, not all heroes wear capes, but not all heroes are even heroes. Some are just, well, libraries.

Crossword, Prithviraj Marg

Crossword is perhaps the best bookstore cum library in Jaipur. Even if you don’t find a new release on amazon or flipkart, you’re likely to find it here. On top of that, it regularly hosts high-profile book launches too. So if you’re at the right place (Crosswords) and at the right time, you can get signed copies from your favourite author. Or better, get your picture clicked with them. Anything that’ll boost up your bookstagram feed.

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FAQs on Libraries in Jaipur

Which are the Best Libraries in Jaipur?

These are top 3 libraries in Jaipur:

  • Radha Krishnan Central Library
  • B.A.G.S
  • Government Maharaja Public Library

Where can I Buy Study Books at Low Cost in Jaipur?

Well, you’ll get almost every reference book of any subject at Chaura Rasta. Plus, they’re sold at a cheaper price than on an e-commerce portal.

Is Jaipur a Good Place to Live for Students?

Yup, it definitely is. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest cities in India and it also happens to be a hub for engineering colleges and MBA colleges. Plus, the city has a lot of coaching institutes too.

What is Jaipur Famous for?

Well, Jaipur is famous for its historical monuments, and its vibrant culture. It is also known for Rajasthani traditional jewelry, traditional fabrics, and handicrafts. And not to mention, its street food and local cuisine.

What is Jaipur also known as?

Jaipur is also known as the Pink City of India. During the rule of Sawai Ram Singh I, the city was painted pink to welcome HRH Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales. Many of the avenues still remain pink. So that’s how Jaipur got its nickname.

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