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PG in Jaipur

It's quite common. Someone asks "Best PG in Jaipur for Students & working professionals?"  "Stanza Living", comes the response. But anybody who's experienced life at Stanza Living would tell you it's no ordinary PG for rent in Jaipur. Coz let's face it, you're not getting the vibe, homely meals, comforts, and lifestyle you get here in any normal 'PG accommodation in Jaipur'. Not in Read more

FAQs For PGs in Jaipur
Why is Living in a PG in Jaipur Cost-Effective?
If you want to know why a PG in Jaipur is cost-effective, first you have to ask - how expensive is living outside it? Then you realize that the security deposit for the flat is almost as much as the rent for the PG, for the entire year. And you get your answer. Now, it's certain that a PG accommodation in Jaipur is more cost-effective. What's not certain is which PG in Jaipur is the most cost-effective. Thankfully, there's a much simpler answer to that. It's the place that is more than a PG, but comes at the price of one. It's Stanza Living.

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How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Jaipur?
If we have to mark the food, laundry and room cleaning services of PGs in Jaipur out of 10, we might even have to go into the negative. But don't fret. Stanza Living, with its professional-quality services, will be all you need for a bright outlook.
How Safe are PGs in Jaipur During the Coronavirus Outbreak?
Most people we know don't take COVID-19 as seriously as they initially used. Most PGs in Jaipur are no different. But at Stanza Living, we still have our guard up. The COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework that we implemented in 2020, is still very much there for your safety. Read all the details here:
How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs in Jaipur?
Stanza Living is different from local PGs in Jaipur because there's nothing ""local"" about it. In case you missed it, Stanza Living is India's largest managed-accommodation provider. Yup, largest. That makes a world of a difference.
What is the Best Way to Search for an Affordable Furnished PG in Jaipur?
A web search? Online reviews? Friend's recommendation? All these are ways to search for the place you like. But we recommend a more old-school approach. We recommend actually visiting the hostels in Jaipur yourself. Even if it's not Stanza Living.
Which type of PG Accommodation in Jaipur Is better? Single or Multiple Occupancy?
There's no rulebook/guide/cheat sheet for this question. It all depends on what you like more - me-time or group chilling. But whatever you decide, you can always count on getting the best accommodation - single or multiple occupancy - at Stanza Living.
Why is Stanza Living an Ideal Choice when Looking for the Best PG in Jaipur?
We could go on and on about how a fully-furnished room at Stanza Living is better than all your usual PGs in Jaipur. Just take a look at all our residences in the city. Visit the ones you like. And you'll find out why.
How Safe are PGs in Jaipur for Students and Working Professionals?
Being in a city that values safety, PGs in Jaipur are quite safe. But we at Stanza Living go a step further. And equip our residences with tech-enabled multi-tier security systems. Too safe? That phrase doesn't exist for us.