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October 04, 2022

5 Best Tips To Follow While Renting A Unisex PG In Pune

So you need tips to find the best unisex PG in Pune? Well, you’ve clicked on the right search result. Because honestly, there’s no shortage of rental places in Pune, but unisex PGs are somewhat much lesser in number. Because surprise-surprise, it’s still a concept looked down upon with judgemental eyes by many. But what can you do about it? Nothing. So better ignore them and start finding a safe and decent unisex hostel in Pune. With the help of these solid tips.

Okay, sorry, hold up. We forgot to tell you that we actually have the best solution to your search for the best unisex hostel in Pune tho. And that, folks, are none other than our Stanza Living residences. At our unisex co-living spaces, we don’t just cover your household chores. We also provide you with 24×7 assistance through our Stanza Living – Resident App. So yea, not only does it feel good to stay with us, but it sounds cool to talk about it too, doesn’t it? But enough about us already. It’s time for you to scroll down and note down these tips. So when you finally land in Pune, your PG-hunting doesn’t feel like searching for spacious flats in Mumbai. Mission impossible, that is.

Top 5 tips to follow while renting a unisex PG in Pune

Top 5 tips to follow while renting a unisex hostel in Pune:

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Know Your Budget

You first need to figure out how much money you have to spend every month on rent. Don’t forget that PGs also have bills like electricity and water charges, so make sure that your budget includes those too. You should also consider how much money you’ll need for food and other expenses like transportation costs or internet charges so that you don’t spend more than what’s required for rent alone. Basically, crunching your numbers now will save you from surviving on peanuts later.

Dont Ignore the Location

It is important to choose your location carefully because this will determine how easy it is for you to commute between your PG and your college or workplace. Plus, you should also consider factors like safety and security when choosing a place near your university or workplace so that there are no issues related to commuting late at night or early morning hours when fewer people are around on the streets. Generally, Pune is very much a safe city. But there’s no shame in admitting that every city’s got one, or two, shady areas. Ain’t that right?

Be Careful of Fraud Listings

It’s cruel out there for first-time renters. So don’t just put your blind faith on any rental listing that might show a bit of promise. Instead, what you need to do is call up the contact number, talk to the person on the other end, and verify if things promised in the listing are as such. But that’s not all. Even if you’re convinced on the phone, the reality might be completely different. So we also suggest that you visit the PG physically at least once before you move in.

Decide Whether you Want a Fully Furnished PG and Unfurnished PG

Even though this is your call to make, what we’ll suggest is that you should always go for a fully furnished PG over an unfurnished one. First, it’ll save you the taxing task of finding a furniture rental and then moving the furniture. Second, it’ll save you monies. And third, you can find your footing right from the first day if there’s already good furniture in place. But then again, it’s your call to make. Though don’t you forget our suggestion too:’)

Figure Out the Payment Method and Terms

If you’re going to rent a unisex hostel in Pune, you have to figure out the payment methods and terms of stay including the house rules. It is important for you to know about these details because they will help you decide whether or not this is the right place for you. If there are any hidden charges or fees that are not included in the price, then it might be better if you look at other options before making a decision.

FAQs on Unisex PGs in Pune

Is it Safe to Rent a Unisex PG in Pune?

Yes, it is! You can rent a Unisex PG in Pune without fear because there are many PGs in Pune with good security systems. The PGs take care of the safety and security of the residents. Also, most of the PGs have CCTV cameras installed at various places. So, you will be completely safe if you live in these PGs.

Is Pune the Ideal City to Live for Working Professionals and Students?

Pune is the ideal city to live for working professionals and students as:

  • Plenty of opportunities
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Happening nightlife
  • Pleasant nightlife
  • Close to holiday destinations
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