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Your Second home inWakad

PG in Wakad

It's official. Life is taking you to Wakad. But to rent a local PG in Wakad is to start off this phase on the wrong foot. A PG is worthy of you only if it is as exciting and memorable as this part of your life is going to be. And if there's one place like that, it surely is Stanza Living, your second home.

What to Look for in a PG Accommodation in Wakad?

In one word - everything. Gone are the days of expecting a PG in Wakad to be, well, just a PG. A fully-furnished space, all essential amenities, a vibrant resident life, you could go on and on. Unfortunately, most PGs in Pune lack most, if not all, of these essential qualities. But fortunately, you don't have to give up on any. There is a place where you will find everything you look for, and more. A place that’s better than any average paying guest (PG). A place that is your second home - Stanza Living.

Flat vs PG in Wakad - The Cost of Living

Living in a flat with affordable monthly rent. And living by your own rules, with the freedom to live by your own rules. It seems too good to let go of. However, when you take the additional expenses into account, like groceries, electricity, maintenance, wifi, etc., you'll realize that freedom comes at a heavy price. A PG, on the other hand, with its low rent and included amenities, is an option worth your money. But also be aware that in many PGs in Wakad, you might have to deal with day-to-day mismanagement and a dull, boring life that makes even the low rent eventually seem like a high price to pay. The good news is that you have the option to live in Stanza Living, where all your needs are taken care of as you chill with your Stanza Living family in the fully-furnished rooms and common areas. And it can be yours for a very economical occupancy rate. But you can't really put a price on having a home away from home, can you?

You don't have to limit yourself to Wakad. There are Stanza Living residences for you in other parts of Pune too.

FAQs on PG in Wakad

How Much Will a Fully Furnished Paying Guest (PG) in Wakad Cost?

Talking specifically about rent, a PG in Wakad will cost you a few thousand rupees a month. But in the same amount, Stanza Living also provides you with a feeling of home. And that, if we may say so ourselves, is quite priceless.

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Which are the Best PG Accommodations for Gents in Wakad?

There are plenty of good PGs in Wakad. But what sets the best ones apart, is that they are more than just PGs. Like Stanza Living, for example. It's not just a place to stay in. It's a place that's your home away from home.

Which are the Best PGs for Ladies in Wakad?

There are some PGs for ladies in Wakad which are better than the others. But when it comes to the best option for you, one is far ahead of the rest. And that's none other than your second home, Stanza Living.

How is Stanza Living Ensuring their Residents Stay Safe from COVID-19?

It's good to know that you're taking the impact of COVID-19 seriously. So are we. We are pro-actively implementing every measure possible to keep our residents safe. Be it thermal monitoring, having fully-sanitized rooms and common areas, or ensuring appropriate distancing and hygiene while serving meals to our residents. We're prepared. There is more than one PG in Wakad which has asked its residents to vacate the building. But we'd rather work extra hard to ensure your safety against the coronavirus in your second home, and that's what we're doing.

Are there Any Good PGs in Wakad with Single Occupancy?

PGs in Wakad, whatever the occupancy, are many in number. Some are good, some are not. But there's only one that takes the best spot. And that's because it's more than just a PG. It's Stanza Living, your second home.

How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Wakad?

Lots of local PGs in Wakad do provide food with laundry and room cleaning services. But when compared to our delicious, nutritious meals and professional laundry and housekeeping services, they are anything but good.

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