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6 PGs waiting to be yours near Pradarshini Gallery


Stanza Living is the largest managed living network, not just near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, but in the country. Spread across 26+ cities, our 450+ tech-enabled residences and managed apartments are home to 70,000+ youngsters. Both students and working professionals. 

Stanza Living PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara. They have everything. And they’re for everyone.

More often than not, you’ll come across PG hostels near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara with a perfect-looking room but without the necessary amenities. If you’re lucky, you’ll find PG hostels near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara with a few basic facilities, but ones that are in the middle of nowhere. Or with a rental room so cramped up, you can’t walk around without hitting your pinky toe against the furniture even if it is a fully furnished residence.

It’s why our Stanza Living paying guest hostels - including both student accommodation and PG for working professionals - near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara stands out. They have thoughtfully-designed, spacious and fully furnished PG rooms. Plus a list of amenities to reduce your daily living hassles down to zero.

Amenities to expect in a PG hostel near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara

We know it’s hard to juggle everything while living on your own in a new rental place. It’s why we provide you with comfort - and convenience - in the form of pre-installed facilities when you move in with us. Whether it’s a PG hostel for men, a PG hostel for women, or a unisex PG accommodation near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara.

Our professional housekeeping team will keep your AC room spick and span. And our trained chefs will serve you homely meals prepared in hygienic kitchens. Food you can enjoy while streaming your favourite show on our high-speed Wi-Fi. Plus, if you happen to face any sort of issues during your stay in our paying guest hostels, you can expect quick redressals. Thanks to our 24x7 app-based assistance. 

AC PGs near Vadodara

Fully furnished PGs near Vadodara

PGs near Vadodara with attached washroom

PGs near Vadodara with attached balcony

PGs near Vadodara for working professionals

PGs near Vadodara for students

Types of residences

When it comes to the type of PG i.e paying guest accommodations we offer, we have multiple options for you. If you take gender into account, we have shared residences and paying guest hostels for men and women, as well as unisex PG accommodations. So if you’re looking for a girls only PG hostel in Vadodara, you can be sure to find one. Or if you’re looking for a PG hostel for boys, you won’t be disappointed either. 

Also, ladies and gents, same goes for the type of occupancies we offer in our rental rooms. If you want the privacy you enjoyed in your own home (assuming you had your own room), move into single occupancy PG rooms. Or if you want to cut down your monthly rent, then we have double, triple, and quadruple occupancy PG rooms too. And you know what they say, most roommates end up becoming friends for life. Given our personal experience, we found that to be the truth.

Boys PG hostel in Vadodara

Girls PG hostel in Vadodara

Unisex PG hostel in Vadodara

Single Occupancy PG hostel in Vadodara

Double Occupancy PG hostel in Vadodara

Triple Occupancy PG hostel in Vadodara

Single Room PG Vadodara

Double Room PG in Vadodara

Triple Room PG in Vadodara

Hotspots around Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara

If you are living in a paying guest house or a hostel, it’s important to have some places around for both chilling out and day to day chores. Renting an accommodation also involves scouting for the right area. We’ve got you covered! There is whole lot to do around Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara

Needless to say, the location of your PG accommodation is super duper important. And the real-estate team at Stanza Living takes this very seriously when it comes to building new rental accommodation properties. That’s why all our PG hostels near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara are strategically located at prime areas near nearby colleges, malls , hospitals, bus stops.

2. Computer Centre
3. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
4. Compusoft Computer Education
5. Sanskriti School of Business
8. Global Institute of Cellphone & Information Technology
9. Baroda Institute Of Technology
10. Department of Statistics
11. University Vc
12. Centre for Advanced Study in Education
13. Department of French, German and Russian (Faculty of Arts)
14. Anonymous Security Consulting
15. Piping Design & Engineering Training Institute Vadodara @ Compusoft
16. Dr Bharat Chattoo Genome Research Centre
17. BRIGHT Computer Education
18. The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
19. Hindustan Air Academy
20. Hypersoft CAD Institute

shopping mall-
1. ALL Payroll, HRMS , Erp- SCUBETECH
3. Mayur Enterprise (Digital Signature)
4. Hardik Shopping Center
5. Schrader Pneumatics
6. Ghanshyam kahar photographer
7. Digital Vadodara
8. La-Zeare
9. Ved Transcube Plaza
10. Kanchan jewellers
11. Max
12. Midtown Heights
13. Metro Shoes
14. Rubillite-VCPL
15. My Jio Store
16. Pratham Plaza
17. Shreem Shalini Mall
18. Navrang Matching
19. Religare Invesco Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd
20. Nazar Baug Palace

1. DTC Vadodara-R
2. Amish Hospital
4. Chandan Hospital & I C U
5. Devay Medi Services & Technology
6. Pooja Nursing Home
7. Janani Maternity Hospital (Dr. Meera Desai)
8. VINS Hospital
9. Celestial Securities Pvt. Ltd
10. Ayesha Medical
11. Orthopaedic Hospital
12. Sapan Hospital
13. G.E.B Hospital
14. Parul Arogya Seva Mandal
15. Mungale Eye Hospital
16. Sumandeep Hospital
17. SSG Hospital:Pathology Department
18. Respi Care Hospital
19. Vadodara Clinic and Nursing home
20. Dr. Kadam Eye Hospital & Institute

1. Hotel Express Towers
2. Kalyan Cafe
3. Hotel Surya Vadodara
4. Hotel Express Residency
5. Pizza Bell
6. Shri Guruprasad Restaurant
7. Tulsi
8. chatkazz dandiya bazar
9. Suguna Chicken Poultry Limited
10. Al-Haadi Chicken Shawarma
11. Rich PAN Atar
12. Hansraj Thal
13. Shree Kathiyawadi Khadki
14. Sayaji Hotel Vadodara
15. Lords Inn Vadodara
16. Subway Sayajigunj
17. Tea Post - A Place to Talk
18. Shraddha Sev Usal
19. Sainath Sandwich
20. Shree Jagdish Chewda Mart (JCM)

bus station-
1. City Bus Depot
2. Central Bus Station Vadodara
3. Baroda
4. Kala Ghoda Circele
5. Kirti Stambh
6. Central Bus Station Vadodara
7. Lalbaugh
8. Karelibaug Telephone Exchange
9. Ganj Khana Police Station
10. Ganj Khana Police Station
11. V.I.P. Road / Bright School
12. V.I.P. Road / Bright School

Best PG accommodations near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara means best price  

With all these perks up for grabs, you might be thinking that your rental budget for a PG accommodation will have to size up. But nope. Stanza Living managed shared residences are for every budget. Here, we’ve neatly arranged them into different price categories. Take a look and your wallet will feel more relaxed knowing it has more room to work with.

PG Under ₹7,000

PG Under ₹10,000

PG Under ₹15,000

PG Under ₹20,000


Low price PGs in Vadodara

Affordable PGs in Vadodara

Premium PGs in Vadodara

Luxury PGs in Vadodara


Low price PGs in Vadodara

Affordable PGs in Vadodara

Premium PGs in Vadodara

Luxury PGs in Vadodara


Low price PGs in Vadodara

Affordable PGs in Vadodara

Premium PGs in Vadodara

Luxury PGs in Vadodara

We have apartments near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara too.

Like our ‘PGs’, our managed apartments in Vadodara are anything but ordinary. They’re designed to lessen your household tasks. For example, after breaking your back sitting in your office chair for 40+ hours, you don’t want to spend weekends doing laundry, do you? That’s why you get daily housekeeping. To find out about the other amenities, check out our affordable coliving apartments in Vadodara for students and working professionals.

Best Paying guest accommodation options to stay near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara

Tired of navigating through a web of properties? We are here to help. Check out our curated list of PG hostels around Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara

Oslo House

Drammen House

Hamilton House

Wellington House

Auckland House

Christchurch House

Read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is living at a PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara cost effective?

A. First things first, find out the security deposit of an apartment near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara. The moment you find out, it’d be clear that it’s equal to a few months’ rent of a PG accommodation. So there’s your answer. Now, that brings us to the next question - which PG hostel is the most cost-effective? The answer is simple. It's - you guessed it - Stanza Living.

At the Stanza Living PG accommodations near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, we have PGs for men, Paying guest hostels for women, and unisex single and sharing rented accommodation options as well. Plus, depending on your budget, you can opt for our PGs under Rs. 7,000, Paying guest hostels under Rs. 10,000, Single or shared rooms for rent under Rs. 15,000, hostel for students under Rs. 20,000 and so on. Oh, and not to forget, our PGs are not cluttered around a single locality. 

In short, whether you’re a student or a working professional, just because your budget is limited, it doesn’t mean your options for a PG accommodation near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara have to be limited too. 

Q. What all services & amenities are included at a paying guest PG hostel near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. If the scale is from good to great, the food, internet, laundry and the room cleaning services of PG hostels near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, lie outside it. Somewhere closer to not-so-good. But there is a reason for you to be positive. You can come to Stanza Living. Where the services are nothing less than the best.

Though, we offer more than just food, laundry and housekeeping as amenities. We also provide you a tech-enabled living experience with state-of-the-art security measures, a completely online rent-paying experience, and app-based assistance too. 

Q. How Safe are PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

A. At Stanza Living PG accommodations, we have implemented thermal monitoring, regular residence sanitization, social distancing in all common areas, regular audits by healthcare experts, and more. Staying true to our resident-first motto, we feel it's our responsibility to keep you safe. And so we will. 

Q. How is Stanza Living different from local paying guest PG accommodations near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. You'll find many PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara which claim to be the 'best single room paying guest near me', 'first-class PG near me', ‘best hostel near me’ or  the 'No. 1 PG near me'. But we claim to be more than just a ‘hostel near me’ or a paying guest accommodation. We believe Stanza Living is your second home. And that's what really makes us different.

To begin with, let's talk about the rooms that are part of our affordable housing for rent. Simply put, they are not just rooms, but your personal space, one which you'll love to come back to. Then there is our long list of essential amenities like room cleaning and food and laundry and internet and more and more and more. 

But most of all, you should choose Stanza Living over any plain and simple PG because, with Stanza Living, you don't just get a fully furnished PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara. You get a second home. So instead of ending up in a make-do PG hostel room after Googling ‘hostel near me’, just move into superb student accommodations near your college. Or if you’re a working professional, get affordable housing for rent near top corporate hotspots.

Q. How do I find a Paying Guest near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. Well, either you can ‘search on the web’, ‘look at the reviews’, go out for a visit and get yourself disappointed 9 times out of 10. Or you could take the much simpler route of searching for the ‘best PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara’ at Stanza Living. With the help of our user-friendly website, you can find residences that suit your exact needs. Need good student accommodation? Done. Need a ‘hostel near me’ for working professionals? Done. Looking for a unisex student accommodation to ‘colive’ in? Consider that done too.

Now, for that, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Search for 
  • Choose your preferred type of accommodation 
  • Enter the name of your college/office and hit enter 
  • Scroll through the properties shown based on the distance to your college/office
  • Use filters (budget, gender, occupancy) to narrow down your search
  • Shortlist your favourite properties
  • Check their details (exact location, weekly meal menu)
  • Reserve a room or schedule a visit 

Q. Which type of PG accommodation is available near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. All depends on you, your preference and your rental budget. So we can't really help with that. It's not always an easy decision to make. But for either type of accommodation, Stanza Living is the best option. So living here will be an easy choice to make. Thanks to the availability of all types of occupancy options, be it single, double or quadruple. And of all types of budgets, PGs under Rs. 7,000, PGs under Rs. 10,000, PGs under 15,000, and PGs under Rs. 20,000. Oh, and not to forget, the availability of both student accommodation and affordable housing for rent that’s specially designed for working professionals.

Q. Which are the best areas to stay near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. It all depends on where you need to go every day. That you’d know best. Having said that, apart from the distance to your college or office, it’d be convenient for your PG to have a shopping mall, a grocery market and a stationary shop close by.

As for our Stanza Living PG hostels, they’re present all over Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara near hotspots like university-
2. Computer Centre
3. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
4. Compusoft Computer Education
5. Sanskriti School of Business

Q. How Safe are PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara ?

A. We can’t speak for other PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, but let’s just say, safety is not on top of everybody’s list of priorities. Though, when it comes to our PG hostels for girls & PG hostels for boys near Vadodara, we acknowledge that no amount of safety precautions is ever enough. So what we have done is make that amount as high as possible, to be safe.

And most of the credit goes to our use of technology. For instance, we don’t just depend on one security guard and a dusty old entry register. We employ a 24x7 CCTV monitoring system, biometric scans, digital check-ins and check-outs, and smart locks. And yes, security guards too. But not one, not two, but a whole team of well-trained personnel.

Q. How is a PG near me different from a hostel?

A. If you compare an average PG with an average college hostel, there’s not much difference. Except you might get more freedom in a PG given you won’t have to adhere to the rules and regulations of a college hostel. However, if you compare a ‘PG near me’ near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara by Stanza Living to a college hostel, the gap is much, much wider. 

To give you an example, you get yum and homely daily meals instead of the staple runny dal and sabzi at your hostel mess. You may get regular laundry service instead of paying an exorbitant price per kilo to the dhobi near your in-campus student accommodation. And you also get a common area that’s not all plastic chairs and an old TV. Foosball, gaming consoles, and board games are things you will find at some of our male PGs, female PGs, and unisex PGs iVadodara. Not kidding. 

Q. Which are the top PGs in Vadodara?

A. It’s hard to pick favourites when all the top PGs in Vadodara are none other than our own at Stanza Living. But we’ve still done what you have asked for. So check

out these top candidates that are worthy of being called your second home in Vadodara.

List of world-class PG hostels near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara -

Oslo House

Drammen House

Hamilton House

Q. How is a PG near me different from renting a flat?

A. It’s simple. Ordinary apartments don’t come with the amenities of a PG. You’ll have to cook your own meals, do your own dishes, etcetera, etcetera. Sure, you could hire a house help. But that’s another toll added to your apartment-sized monthly expense. So moving into a single occupancy room near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara might provide you a better deal, if personal space is your main concern anyway. 

But then again, if you move into our affordable flats near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, you get PG-like amenities like daily housekeeping, speedy Wi-Fi and much more. Plus, the option of booking a single room in our shared apartments does not make it compulsory for your budget to expand. To sum it up, the lines are blurred when it comes to comparing a Stanza Living PG and a Stanza Living managed flat. It all comes down to your preference.

Q. What is the list of things I need to live comfortably in a PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. Well, the list will vary depending on your PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara. That’s the reason why when you look for a multiple occupancy room or a single occupancy room at a PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, make sure it includes:

  • Bed and mattress
  • Cupboard
  • Study table/workstation 
  • Chair
  • AC

But even in fully-loaded Stanza Living boys PG rooms or girls PG rooms near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara, there are things you have to carry in your backpack to live life super duper comfy. By ‘things’, we mean stuff you need for personal use:

  • Extension boards 
  • Toiletries 
  • Blankets 
  • Clean towels 
  • Buckets/mugs 

Q. What documents do I need to rent a PG near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara?

A. Although most PGs near Pradarshini Gallery, Vadodara would require a valid ID proof and passport sized photos, others might ask for more documents. So we suggest you double-check with the owner about them before leaving your hometown. But we have to be honest. There are also some PG owners who’ll ask for even more, at which point you’d wish you had signed up for a ‘Stanza Living PG near me’.

With a clear list of requirements and a completely online booking process, it’s much more convenient. So without keeping it a suspense, this is the list of documents you need to move in with us and to ‘colive’ with like-minded people of your age at our 5-star housing for rent.

For Indians: 

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar/DL/Voter ID (any 1)
  • College ID/Office ID
  • Selfie

Foreign National (only Nepal/Bhutan):

  • Citizen ID
  • College ID/Office ID
  • Selfie

Foreign National:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • College ID/Office ID
  • Selfie

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