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Jan 27, 2021

What makes one place better than another? When some people love where they live, what are they in love with? Individual preferences notwithstanding, there must be a set of parameters that are universal. That constitutes the building blocks of a great life in the urban jungle.

Let’s look at a specific set of parameters, in a specific place. A place mostly beloved by all who call it home. After all, Koramangala must be doing something right to inspire nostalgia in those who have moved on and joy in those moving in or staying put.

So, What makes Koramangala, Fantabulous?

Location, location, Location

Not so long ago, Koramangala was a sleepy village. Today it’s at the heart of a roaring metropolis. Situated in the south-eastern part of Bengaluru, Koramangala is known for its accessibility via the Outer Ring Road and Hosur road and connectivity to growth hubs like Electronic City and Jayanagar. With the Silkboard metro line taking shape, there will soon be a metro line in the heart of the area. To recap, centralized location, excellent connection, and unmatched accessibility.

The Roof Over our Heads

Koramangala is home to Forum Mall. And that’s just one a long list of malls, retailers, commercial buildings, restaurants, and educational institutions that dot the area. In short, it’s a vibrant area to live in. And that vibrance comes at a cost. Known for its exclusivity and upscale residential apartments, recent years have seen coliving spaces make inroads into the area. Whether you’re a family of professionals or starting to make your mark. A PG in Koramangala is an address to be celebrated.

Cosmopolitanism, Personified

A residential and commercial hub that connects areas of vast growth in Bengaluru, Koramangala has become a great place to call home for a vast and diversified populace. People from all over India and the world, call it home. And with them has come food and living experiences that hail from all over. Within a single kilometer, one can start with filter kaapi, have butter chicken and naan, and finish off a satisfying meal with some world-class gelato. Whether you’re from Scandinavia or Lucknow, you’ll never be a fish out of water in Koramangala

Go into the Night, and Find Life

When you have some of the best eateries in town, it would stand to reason that Koramangala would have some epic places to hang out. After all, you’d need to break a sweat before you can dig in. From rooftop bars that show you incredible views to huge dance floors that lure you into the wondrous world of EDM, you’ll find your musical niche here. And From the most robust IPAs to the quirkiest of cocktails, there’s something for everybody’s palate somewhere in the eight blocks of Koramangala. So, go thee well into the good night.

Breathe Better in the Lap of Nature

Home to the 180-acre KSRP greens, Koramangala brings a bit of green into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With high rise properties committed to green futures, rainwater harvesting projects, and green homes being built by those devoted to a better quality of life, Koramangala is a great place to live for anybody who wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

Great Lives need Great Comfort

Developed over the years to provide the best living experience, Koramangala boasts the infrastructure one needs to have a truly great life. From broad leafy avenues to landmark malls, from luxury apartment complexes to community centers that boast a varied and eclectic taste, Koramangala has something for everybody. So, when you live in immense comfort, connected to the best parts of the city, in the lap of nature, a stone’s throw away from the most incredible food at the end of an exciting night, a great life is what you have. Enough said!

FAQs on What makes Koramangala a Great Place

Is Koramangala happening?

You just need to look at the long and comprehensive list of amazing places that call Koramangala home to realise that “happening” and Koramangala are synonymous.

Is Koramangala affordable?

While affordability is subjective, Koramangala is known for its luxurious housing. At the same time, the inroads made by coliving spaces over the last few years mean that you don’t need to reach the bottom of your pocket to call it home.

What are great places for nightlife in Koramangala?

If it’s a night out you’re looking for, we would recommend the following:

  • Foxtrot – House Of Subculture
  • Koramangala Social
  • Indigo XP
  • Boho
  • Happy Brew

Is Koramangala connected by Metro?

At present, the Indiranagar Metro Station is closest to Koramangala. But after completion of phase 2, the Silkboard metro station will become operational.