Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is the jolliest time of the year. Agree? It’s all because of the lights, the carnivals, and the christmas cake. Okay, mostly just the cake. But whatever it is that they put in that cake, it can lift everybody’s mood even in the gloominess of winter. And that, folks, is the magic of Christmas.

But hey, not all of us get to feel that magic with our loved ones. Mostly because we’re stuck in a different city, living in a hostel or a PG. And it’s exactly why we came up with a list of things to do for you to feel more enthusiastic about the holiday season. After all, we know a thing or two about young people like you. Our Stanza Living residences are home (or a second home) to 50,000 of your peers. And sure, we organize a ton of fun activities (and cook plenty of lip-smacking food) for them during festivals. But that doesn’t stop us from giving them, or you, ideas to celebrate Christmas in the most amazing way possible. Or should we say, the jolliest way possible?

Fun Things to do this Christmas Season

Well, here are 10 things you might love to do during Christmas this year:

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Drive Around Town

Even if you’re not feeling festive, a drive around town will surely get you going during Christmas. And while you’re at it, you and your gang can wear those flashing devil horns that keep making a comeback every year. It’s the second most-anticipated comeback, after SRK’s.

Movie Marathon

Nothing can ever beat watching a Home Alone or a Harry Potter marathon during the holidays. Especially with your roomies in the mix. And trust us, everything’s 10 times funnier when it’s Hindi-dubbed. Because come on, expelliarmus sounds way less intimidating (and more like Alok Nath giving you ashirwaad) when you say it as ‘Nirastra Bhava’.

Baking Bad

Inviting your bestie over, grabbing a couple of oven mitts, and baking a recipe is a surefire way to start your Christmas morning. And even if you end up with burnt cookies, you’d have tons of fun along the way. Because the journey is more important than the destination. Also because you can order from a bakery right after and pretend that YOU baked it.

Church Chillin’

Well, this one’s almost mandatory. Because it’s always a nice feeling to visit your local church. The decorations, the soulful hymns, and the food will cure your winter blues for sure. Plus, if you studied in a convent, it will be a walk down memory lane. And without your teachers bickering about growing your hair too long, or not wearing your tie right. Ok, ok, sorry for that flashback.

Plan the perfect Christmas tree

If you think Christmas eve is gonna turn out to be boring, try putting up a Christmas tree with your roomies. You get a reason to visit the market and shop for anything that might seem pleasing. Plus, you can even stack up gifts for your roomies to open up in the morning after. Basically, this would be the only time your roomie is forced to give you something other than headaches.

Sweater Weather

Not all sweaters are cute, some are ugly as hell. But Christmas is the only time when you get away with wearing one. On top of it, if you have cute socks to go along with them, that’s a bonus. It will make for the perfect Instagram post. And you can even recreate the classic Ryan Reynolds-wearing-ugly-sweater meme with your roomies.

A Christmas Carrom

The holidays are also the perfect time to play fun games. Whether it be carrom or any board game you liked to play when you were young. And sure, your mum’s not gonna be around to serve you snacks. But you can always order a ton of takeaway. And, with your mom not being around, there won’t be anyone to stop you. Just sayin’.

Make a Christmas Playlist

Another way to get into that holiday mood is to make your own Christmas playlist. And no, it doesn’t only need to be about ‘Last Christmas’ or Michael Bubble numbers. It can be anything that fiddles with your heartstrings. Like Taylor Swift’s recent album that dropped and crushed our soul. *grabs tissues*

Hunt for Holiday Sales

Everyone would agree that Christmas shopping is the best kind of shopping. And why not? All the malls are dolled up. The discounts are mind-boggling. And the collections are fresh and fire. On top of it, there are always add-ons to your shopping experience. Like free candy, and, well, loads of awkward selfies with the mall Santa.

Play Secret Santa

The biggest secret about Secret Santa is that all of us look forward to getting a gift, though we all pretend we’re not excited. And the suspense is even better when you exchange those gifts with your PG mates. Got a great, thoughtful gift? Then someone really likes you. Somebody gave you a gift they themselves got for Diwali? You’ve got an enemy in your ranks, buddy.

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