Water Parks in Hyderabad

Water Parks in Hyderabad

If you’re here because you searched for the best water parks in Hyderabad, we feel you, bro. Because like you, we also know that not many places help you unwind – or get your heart racing – like the amusement parks in Hyderabad. And despite the good wonders that a good plate of Hyderabadi biryani can do, it still can’t save you from the summer heat. So water parks, it is.

And speaking of unwinding, you can trust us on that topic. Because we know how high it comes on your list of priorities. For proof, you just need one look at one of our residences in Hyderabad. Over there, you’ll get what you need in life – loads of chill. Because we buy a lot of time for you. By taking care of all of your chores – cooking, cleaning and cleaning your laundry. You’ll have enough time to even go out to eat the millionth type of Biryani. Or visit the entire list of 15 top water parks in Hyderabad that we’ve compiled for you. With us, finding time to chill will be a walk in the park.

Best Water Parks in Hyderabad in 2021

These are the 15 best water parks in Hyderabad for sure:

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Wonderla Ravirala

Wonderla is one of the best water parks in Hyderabad. And why not? It’s got the best wave pool in town – you’ll be thrashed, pushed, toppled in more ways than they make biryani in Hyderabad (which is a LOT).

Escape Water Park Shamshabad

The park is mainly popular for its tunnel slides. Which is claustrophobic for a short while but the splash at the end is totally worth it. Let’s just say, not every water park will make you ‘escape’ your city blues like this one

Leo Splash Kachiguda

Leo Splash has some great water slides and pools. Also, it features India’s first surfing ridge. So that means you’ll have fun like nowhere else – whether you’re a Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, or whatever.

Jalavihar Water Park Necklace Road

Water World Hyderabad or Jalavihar Water Park is located on Necklace Road. And speaking of necklaces and valuable items, they have a good locker facility to put all your precious things.

Wild Waters Telangana

If you wanna get your adrenaline pumping, Wild Waters Hyderabad is the place for you. It’s got over 60 water rides available. So before you recover from one side, there’ll be another to dive into. Which is kinda ‘wild’ in itself, don’t you think?

Ocean Park Gandipet

This one’s a great getaway for people of all ages. On one hand, you’ll find a bunch of teenagers swinging in the wave pool. And on the other hand, you’ll see old grandpas chilling at the pools. Like it’s their first day of retirement.

Dream Valley Vikarabad Road

This is one of the biggest water parks in Hyderabad. Moreover, it’s so scenic that the water slides look like they’re coming out of the mountains in the backdrop. And the food offered at its restaurant is ‘dreamy’, to say the least.

Alankrita Water Park Thumkunta Village

Yup, it’s not the fanciest name for a water park. But when you drop on their gravity-defying water slides, the only name you’d cry for help will be your mum’s. (No kidding!)

Mount Opera Multi Theme Park Batasingaram

This one’s got boat riding, bungee jumping, and go-karting. And nope, there are no opera singers in the park. But you’d hear a lot of aunties screaming their lungs out.

New Maharaja Water Park Shad Nagar Road

This water park offers popular rides like Columbus and the Giant Wheel. And yes, everything about this park is king-sized. Or should we say – Maharaja-sized? Except maybe the entry feel. That’s quite minimal.

Srinidhi Joy N Joy Resorts Secunderabad

Srinidhi Joy n Joy Resort is a resort cum water park. This is probably why they have not one, but two Joys in their name. Also, you’d have a great time chilling with your roomie at their bamboo-themed huts. Which is quite an upgrade from your multi-purpose bed (popularly known as a bean bag).

Blu Thunder Resort and Park Nalgonda

Blue Thunder is the only water park in Hyderabad that offers sand volleyball. So if you’ve been stuck in your daily life and missing out on sports, this water park will surely get your ‘thunder’ back. We promise!

Celebrity Resort Shamirpet

This one’s more of a resort, but you’ll find plenty of fun rides as well. And given the high-end cuisines and facilities offered in the resort, you might actually run into a few odd celebrities at the Celebrity Resort.

Ramoji Film City Barakhamba Road

Speaking of celebrities, you can head to Ramoji Film City for a guided Bollywood tour. We know it technically doesn’t earn a spot on a list of amusement or water parks in Hyderabad. But the entry fee is less than a movie ticket. For that much, you can ignore the lack of a roller coaster and water slides.

Snow World Kavadiguda

Last but not least – the Snow World in Hyderabad. If you’re a broke college kid, this is your answer to Gulmarg. And you can skip here too. Pretty ‘cool’, we’d say.

FAQs on Water Parks in Hyderabad

Q. Which are the Top Water Parks in Hyderabad?

  • Here are our top 3 picks of water parks in Hyderabad:
  • Water World Hyderabad
  • Wonderla
  • Escape Water Park

Q. What is Hyderabad Famous for?

  • Hyderabad is famous for its markets, its historical monuments, its IT industry, and – how can we forget – the biryani.
  • Q. What is Special About Hyderabad Food?

  • Biryani is obviously the most famous food in Hyderabad. Other than that, you can try Haleem, Kebabs and Mirchi ka Salan as well. Maybe in one meal itself, if you’re the foodie type.
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