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Pros & Cons of Living By Yourself – What You Should Know
college gyaan

Pros & Cons of Living By Yourself – What You Should Know

Oct 26, 2020

To live by yourself or to not live by yourself? That is the question. And unfortunately, there is no one answer. 

Because, in a list of the pros and cons of living alone, neither is longer than the other.

Allow us to demonstrate.

Pro: You’re the boss

No arguments over which movie to watch. No debates on whether to order pizza or punjabi. Nobody telling you to change the music.

When you live by yourself, you make all the decisions. And you will never hear a “no”. (It’s a bit like your birthday 365 days a year).

Con: You’re the boss

Need groceries? Get it yourself. The bathroom drain is clogged? Go, get a plumber. The air-conditioner is not conditioning the air enough? Find an electrician. 

We’re afraid, Uncle Ben said it right – with great power, comes great responsibility. 

Pro: You come home to a quiet place

Life can be too loud sometimes. You have to deal all day with people’s drama. And that can seriously stress you out. 

So if you live alone, your home is more than a home. In a world of noise, it feels like a silent retreat.

Con: You come home to a quiet place

But maybe you’ve actually had a good day. Maybe you aced an exam. Maybe you got a promotion at work. Maybe you won the singing competition you’d been practicing for.

So, it would be nice to come back to a roommate who is always ready to celebrate even the smallest wins in life.

Pro: Roommate’s friends don’t come over

You know that kind of roommate who always brings a friend along? It’s like a buy-one-get-one offer. 

But you only signed up to share space with one person, not two, right? In that case, it’s better to be living alone. Or should we say, buy-none-get-none.

Con: Roommate’s friends don’t come over

Sometimes, having a roommate that brings over friends is a good thing. You get to branch out of your limited social circle. 

Because it doesn’t matter if an online quiz told you that you’re the biggest introvert on the planet. We bet even you like to make memorable human connections from time to time.

Pro: There’s no sharing

Your jacket will only hug your shoulders. Your books will not be taken and never returned. And your toothpaste won’t be missing when you go to the bathroom in the morning. 

When you share a space with roommates, all your property becomes common property. But if you live alone, there’s no room for sharing.

Con: There’s no sharing

There will be times when you’ll need a jacket. Times when you won’t have any books to read. And times when you’ll realise you can’t squeeze any more toothpaste out of your tube. 

It’ll be a blessing to have a roommate on those occasions. And while the sharing will begin with things, soon you’ll build an equation where you’ll share feelings, fears, and secrets as well. 

You see, in every advantage to living by yourself, there’s often a disadvantage in disguise. You’ll just have to see which of the two is important for you.

Of course, you can opt to live in a single occupancy room in a residence like Stanza Living. You’ll have a private room for all the me-time. And you’ll have all the company you need in the common area..

Basically, if ‘to live by yourself or not to live by yourself?’ is the question, maybe a shared-living space is the answer.