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How Stanzens Have Welcomed the Rapid Change Brought in Services and Hospitality

How Stanzens Have Welcomed the Rapid Change Brought in Services and Hospitality

Aug 13, 2020

How does Stanza Living find a place in the hearts of its residents? 

Well, by always knowing exactly what that heart wants. 

When news of the coronavirus broke, we could hear the heartbeat rising. And we knew it was up to us to calm it down.

So we quickly got our ‘COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework’ in place, so that life for our residents would be as risk-free and as close to normal as possible.

And, judging by the kind words we’re hearing, it looks like it did the trick.

Mansi Goyal, Jackson House, Indore 

“You guys have proved that the Stanza Living team has pledged to take care of Stanzens at any cost. I highly appreciate the sales and operations team to keep their words as promised. We Stanzens are always with you and will fight with this pandemic together. “

Kalpana Malik, Canberra House, Hyderabad

“I work in Air India and have been staying in Stanza Living for the past 4 months. I really want to thank all members of the team for their excellent service during the present scenario where the entire country is under lockdown. I feel happy about my decision to choose Stanza Living.”

Anagha VC, Santa Fe House, Bangalore

“It has to be appreciated that even the Stanza Living team has not gone home but have stayed back to take care of us. Thanks again for not giving up on us even in this pandemic and not forcing us to leave Stanza Living to go home.”

Saurabh Narwane, Auckland House, Vadodara

“Huge thanks to STANZA LIVING which has taken enough care of us. They haven’t let us feel like a different day. All the services and food provided is highly appreciable. Thanks to the management team of Stanza living for their love and support.”

Kumar Devashish, Luxor House, Pune

“During the period of lockdown, most of us miss our family. But Stanza Living has taken all the responsibility just like an elder family member. We were in tension about food, but the arrangement the team made is beyond our imagination. Thank you for the in-house chef and the great meals.”      

Keshav Priya, Toronto House, North Campus 

Thanks to everyone who is helping solve our concerns and are actively working in this time of crisis. The food is very good. Please let the F&B staff involved in making and delivering food on time know they are greatly appreciated.