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Going To College In DU? This Is Your Janpath Guide

Going To College In DU? This Is Your Janpath Guide

Sep 28, 2020

Things you find it Janpath (in ascending order)

5. The legendary Depaul’s Cold Coffee

4. The famous Momos of Delhi

3. Tibetan arts and crafts

2. A Flea Market

1. DU students

Yes. Janpath is like the sun and students of Delhi University are like the planets orbiting it. And would you blame them? The student-friendly prices for the t-shirts, jeans, jackets, cargo shorts, dresses, sunglasses and more are too hard for them to ignore. Add to the mix lots of budget eateries, and you have a pull so strong over young college-goers that it makes gravity feel like just a tug. 

And if you’re a DU student, you can’t escape the pull. But the question is – what do you need to know before you answer the call of Janpath?

First Of All, Getting There (Duh?!)

If you’re going to Janpath, you’ll obviously not be in the mood to splurge a lot of cash. So we’re guessing booking an overpriced cab ride is out of the question. We suggest taking the famous Delhi Metro to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and it will drop you off only a short walk away from Janpath. Just exit from Gate No. 5, and ten minutes later you’ll be right in the thick of the action at Janpath.

What To Take With You

So, the primary purpose of a trip to Janpath is to bring a lot of stuff back with you. But there are some things that you can take with you that will help with the long shopping spree. 

Firstly, a carry bag. Thing is, when you find out that the t-shirt you like is only for 150 bucks, you end up buying two of them. Same with the jeans, shorts and the other clothing items. So you end up needing more space than you originally expect and planned for. And that’s when an oversized carry bag comes to the rescue.

Next on the list is a water bottle. Especially if it’s a hot day. Once you get sucked in the maze of stalls and shops in Janpath, it’ll be a while before you get out of it. And taking a sip of water every-once-in-a-while will give you the energy you need to last the long shopping spree. Also helps keep your throat wet for the bargain voice you’ll so need there. 

What To Wear

When you’re picking what to buy from Janpath, you select items that will look good on you. But when you’re choosing what to wear on the day you’re going to Janpath, prioritise comfort.

A good pair of walking shoes is a must. Because there will be a LOT of walking involved. There will be no escalators or moving walkways. Your muscles and joints will take a beating if they’re not cushioned by the sole of comfortable footwear.

Loose, airy jeans/trousers and t-shirt/shirt are also advisable. This is an open, crowded market, not a fancy mall with air-conditioning. Your only hope is that there will be some cloud cover. But it’s better to trust the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe than Delhi’s unpredictable weather.

(Sunglasses will also help, but you can buy a cheap pair at the market itself!)

Pro-tip: Sharpen Those Bargaining Skills

If you’re a hardcore bargainer, every season at Janpath is sale season at Janpath. And even if you’re not, the practice you get there will turn you into one. Learn to overact. Show that horror of a devout nun hearing blasphemy, when the vendor quotes the price. Then casually quote 1/10th the asking price. Hide your desperation of wanting the thing like your life depends on it. And, always be ready to walk away if they don’t budge (you’ll definitely find something similar for cheaper if you look around long enough) – their loss. 

Happy Janpath-ing!