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June 11, 2021

Best ways to Celebrate Roommate’s Birthday

Your roommate’s birthday is his/her most special day of the year. That’s no secret. And if you’re here, obviously your roommate is important to you. And you want to go all out on their birthday. But you have a budget. And there’s a pandemic. So maybe it won’t be possible to do everything that you’ve imagined. You’re reading articles on “Fun ideas for your roommate’s birthday” but that’s not helping either. You don’t even have much time on your hands.

Whoa whoa…just take a pause. We’re here to help you. Because we at Stanza Living know how the importance of having a roommate you vibe with. Without them, our vibrant rooms would just be cubicles with beds. Without them, you would still be looking for a BFF in a new city. So even if you and your roommate have to stay inside the PG this birthday, you’ve got to make it absolutely LIT. And that needs more than just a cake and card. So just follow some (or all) of our ideas on how to make your roommate’s birthday special. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it. And you can thank us later.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate your Roommate’s Birthday

5 best ideas to celebrate your roommate’s birthday:

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Bake them a Birthday Cake

If you really want to add that personal touch to your roommate’s birthday, you can bake them a birthday cake instead of ordering one in. That way, it feels more special to both of you. Bonus: you’ll also save some bucks. And it doesn’t need to be very fancy. Even a cupcake or a mug cake at midnight is enough to make your roomie teary-eyed. Especially if the cake is their (and everyone’s ) favourite flavour, chocolate.

Decorate the Room or at Least their Side of the Room

Another last-minute hack is to decorate your (and their) room. Just go to the nearest stationery shop and get some colourful balloons. If you have the time and patience, you can make a nice balloon arch aka the perfect backdrop for birthday pics. Oh and don’t forget to ask their siblings or friends for some embarrassing pics from 2014. Print them up and put them up in the room.

Virtual Dress-up Party

Well, this one’s slowly taking over the good ol’ birthday parties. With the lockdown and all their friends living in different cities, your roomie might feel a little gloomy on their birthday. But that’s where you come in. Invite their friends to a virtual party, and set a theme to make things more fun. Black tie, beach, retro – whatever you wish. You can ask your roommate to get ready too, and surprise them with a virtual party! That way, it’ll feel like a proper birthday and not just another video call. Oh, and don’t forget to get some snacks and soft drinks, so everyone has a cup in their hands when you play Never Have I Ever.

Breakfast in Bed

Who says making breakfast in bed is only for couples? Everyone deserves some pampering, especially when it’s their birthday. One of the sweetest things you can do on your roommate’s birthday is let them hit the snooze button for an extra 20 mins, while you whip up breakfast. It doesn’t need to be fancy, you can make pancakes and eggs, and maybe some orange juice to go with it. Or coffee, if they prefer that life. If you’re not much of a chef, just order in their favourite breakfast and serve it on a plate after they’re up. Just remember to throw the bill away.

Thoughtful Gifts

Instead of buying a coffee mug or a random deodorant from the store, make your gifts thoughtful. Maybe even quirky. If you have the time, you can make them a scrapbook of your favourite memories together. Or a mixtape. Well, since no one listens to mixtapes nowadays, maybe make them a birthday playlist. You and his/her friends can come together to add your favourite songs (and of course, some of your roommate’s) and make a collaborative playlist. Don’t be afraid to go all out – be it corny love songs or full-on death metal. Oh, and if they’re turning 22, definitely include Taylor Swift.

FAQs on Roommate’s Birthday Ideas

How can I make My Friend’s Birthday Special?

You can try doing any and all of the above. In addition to that, you can also decorate their room with balloons, bake them a cake. And most importantly, take tons of pictures.

How do you Virtually Celebrate a Friend’s Birthday?

The whole friend group can come together to surprise your friend at midnight. Maybe play some songs, send them e-cards or make a birthday collage!

How to Surprise Someone on their Birthday During a Lockdown?

Being there for your friend is the best gift. You can also send them food or gift vouchers online, video call at midnight, or send a handwritten letter via post. Well, that last one can only be implemented if you plan at least a week ahead.

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