Best Board Games To Play in Your PG

Best Board Games To Play in Your PG

Aah, board games. Most of us say we’re kiddish. But when someone pulls out Ludo, Monopoly, or even Snakes and Ladders, deep down inside, we all get excited. A lot like kids. And know what? They’re a great way to kill the awkwardness with your new PG friends. And when you’re new to a PG, there will be a LOT of awkwardness to kill. It’s why at Stanza Living, we design residences with more than one way for you and your Stanza fam to chill and vibe with each other.

We’ve got entertainment zones, foosball, table tennis, pool, and a super chill living room. So you and your new Stanzen fam can vibe with each other. And for those who are living in other hostels and PGs, while you might not have a football table, you and your hostel mates can always pull out one of the board games on our list. And even in the era of social distancing, we have a few online board games that will be great ice-breakers. Especially if you’re socially anxious.

Best Board Games to Play with PG Friends

Here are the 18 best board games you can play with your PG and hostel mates:

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Every Indian kid knows about the infamous carrom board game. So many summer afternoons have been getting beaten by elder cousins and sometimes grandparents, right? Well, if you picked up any tips and tricks from them, your PG or hostel room will be a great place to show them off.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is one of India’s most ancient board games. But the love for it has not lessened with time. Today, it is a worldwide favourite. As you’d probably know already, the rules are pretty simple. So simple that cheating in the game is almost impossible. Except someone tries to drop the dice in a way to get the right number. Avoid people who do that. They’re the real “snakes”.


A Jenga game is the ultimate bonding game for you and your new friends. It is a laid-back yet nail-biting game at the same time, where the goal is to stack the blocks to make a tower without letting it fall. Even better if you get the Truth or Dare version.


The most popular of them all – the Ludo board game. Did you know it was earlier played by kings and queens in their pastime? We’re sure you must have played Ludo with your siblings or friends while growing up. This doesn’t have to change, even after you’ve moved to a pg in a different city. Pick up the Ludo board and challenge your roomie to a duel. And for all your friends back home, invite them for a Ludo king game online.


We can’t talk about the best board games and not mention Monopoly. If you’ve been living under a rock and have never played or heard about this game, let us put it simply: it’s a game of real estate but with fake notes, fake cities and even a fake jail. And if you’re bored with the regular version, you can either get the Indian edition with your favourite cities. Or the electronic edition with a card machine (fancy!). Or if you’re a Marvel fan, their newest Black Panther edition. With the correct amount of money, Wakanda can be yours forever! Even if it’s only in the game.

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is another popular board game that can be played by two or more players. The main objective here is to move all your coloured pieces into your opponent’s home. The first one to strike home is the winner. Fun fact – Even though it says “Chinese”, the game was actually devised in Germany. Although, the board you purchased was probably Made in China.


We know UNO is not a board game, but it’s no less than any of them. In fact, it’s so much more than a game. So many friendships have been broken because someone played a draw four card on their best bud. What makes UNO so unique is that every friend group plays it differently. So much so that even after the official site announced that the game can be ended with a power card, most friends still won’t let you.

Card games

Not a board game either, but hey, can you ever go wrong with a card game? It’s a great option whenever you’re bored or frustrated with online board games. Cards are also quite affordable and can be played in really small circles as well as large friend groups. Be it Court Piece, Rummy or something as simple as Bluff, you can be as creative as you want with cards. Maybe also show a few tricks while you’re at it.

Connect 4

Think of this game as an advanced version of tic-tac-toe. Perfect for you and your new roomie, it’s a two-player board game, in which each of the players chooses a colour and then takes turns dropping coloured discs into a grid. The winner is the one who can make either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of their own discs. It’s a game of pure logic, so if you lose, it’s on you. You can’t blame Lady Luck.


The best part about Scrabble is that people of any age can play it. It can be played with two to four players trying to form meaningful words, crossword-style on the board. There are special points for advanced words and it is the least study-like way to expand your vocabulary. So if your have your CAT exam coming up, and folks complain that you’re too busy playing Scrabble, tell them you’re preparing for exam day.


Remember the bar scene from Inglourious Basterds? Specifically the game the German soldiers play, holding up a card on their foreheads as others give them clues? Yeah, Taboo is like an updated version. Only with some additional words that you can’t use while describing the main one. Set yourself a timer for every round and you’ve got yourself an exciting way to spend the evening with your friends. There might be some quibbles and arguments, but unlike Inglourious Basterds, it probably won’t end in a shootout where everyone dies.

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is a board game where you and your pals act as detectives, trying to track down a criminal. Named after Scotland Yard, the headquarters of London’s Police Services, this game is designed after the streets of London too. Scotland Yard is all about teamwork, so make sure you help your teammates win this game. And not just depend on their efforts like you do for your group projects in college.


Mafia is a game of lying. It’s a multiplayer game where players are secretly assigned the role of Mafia or Civilians. Each team does their best to identify and eliminate the other. If you know how to act innocent to get out of punishment in school, now is the time to put those acting skills to use.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a fun board game where you build settlements (hence the name) and trade resources with other players. It is a collaborative game, but it can get real ugly, real quick. So make sure the friends you’re playing with are not spoilsports. You don’t wanna lose a friend for a game of Catan.


The list of the best board games would be incomplete without chess. Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. In fact, as old as the sixth century AD. It originated in our very own country and quickly spread to the rest of the world. You might be familiar with a few moves if you’ve watched a few episodes of The Queen’s Gambit.


Well, Sequence is all about making a sequence. Quite obvious, no? But wait. It’s a little more complicated than that. It comes with a deck of cards and three sets of coins. You need to make a sequence (or two), using the cards before your opponent does. More than focusing on making the sequence, the key is to block your opponent from making one. In other words, if you love the look your friend makes when you spoil all their plans, this is the game for you.


Pictionary is a really creative game that comes with a game board, timer, dice, and cards with words on them. Each person can take turns to pick up a card, read the word silently and draw it on the board. You don’t need to be Picasso for it. Just good enough for your teammates to understand what you’re drawing. It’s a lot like Charades, but instead of acting, you have to draw.

Escape Room

Escape Room In A Box is a board game version of a real-life game. Players have only one goal – to escape. The game comes with a lot of mental and physical puzzles that you need to solve within a time frame. If you don’t, a mad scientist might turn you into a werewolf. Or worse still, you’ll pull all your hair out.

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