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August 13, 2020

8 Adulting Challenges Life Throws At You When You Move Out Of Your Parent’s Home

News flash: Adulting ain’t easy.

Life away from your parents is like sitting for a Chemistry exam. When you’ve prepared for History.

Everything is a challenge you’re not prepared for. Here are just eight of them:

1. Enter the Ring a.k.a. The Kitchen

The first step to becoming an adult is usually taken in the direction of the kitchen. The second step is wondering how much dhaniya powder is needed for a basic aloo ki sabzi. And then finding out you need to add jeera powder instead.

2. Bills are a Real Thing

Yeah. Who’d have thought basics like electricity, water, wifi have to be paid for, right? Well, welcome to the real world, my friend. Bills are like annoying classmates. You’d rather not face them, but they can’t be avoided.

3. Budget is Also a Thing

You can no longer go, “Papa, 100 rupees?” whenever you run out of money. This is when you will be introduced to the concepts of the monthly budget and the struggle of trying to survive within it.

4. Supermom is No Longer There

“Mom, where’s my bag?!”, “Mom, where’s my red sweater?!”, “Mom, where’s the remote?!”. While everyone else fails to find it, supermom knows precisely where it is. How does she do it? It’s a mystery. Like the mystery of how you’re going to survive life without her. 

5. “Lonely, I am so Lonely.”

Remember all those songs about being lonely that you loved? Now, you’ll understand what they actually mean. When you move to a new city, away from your closest friends, those lyrics will seem like your autobiography.

6. Missing your ‘Boring’ Hometown

The slow pace of your hometown now seems laidback and chill. The nosy neighbours now seem cute and endearing. The hometown you wanted to get away from, well, you can’t wait to get back to it.

7. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

The thing about adulthood you most look forward to is the freedom to make decisions for yourself. But not every one of those decisions is one you’ll look forward to (like which detergent will give you the most value for every buck). 

8. Accepting Yourself

A new environment is a great place to find out your strengths. But it also means you’ll have to come to terms with your weaknesses (refer to point about cooking for yourself above). 

Yes, adulting is hard. But there are ways to make it easier. One of them is to stay in a place that shares some of your responsibilities and also feels familiar in a strange new city. 

In short, when you do leave home, you should stay in a place that feels like it. 

Like Stanza Living. Go through our many residences and book your bed in the one most fitting to be your second home.

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