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6 Ways To Feel At Home In A New City

6 Ways To Feel At Home In A New City

Aug 13, 2020

So, you’ve just updated your location on social media to let everyone know that you’re moving to a new city.

Sigh. If only adapting to a new city were that easy. Unfortunately, there is no one solution. It’s more like a process with many steps to complete.

But first of all… 

Be Patient

The new city is like that hit pop song. At first, you might not like it much. But give it time, and it finds a place in your playlist. Just like that, a new city will eventually find a place in your heart. 

But there are ways to speed up the process. One of them is to…

Go Out And Explore

You can’t know a city from within the walls of your home. So, step out with an open mind. You’ll hear music in the shrill noises, and you’ll find a space for yourself in the crowded streets. 

Plus, being out and about is how you’ll… 

Pick Up The City Slang

Nothing feels more Bangalorian than saying “Adjust, maadi” when trying to get a seat in a crowded bus. And the most Delhi-ite thing ever is the “Oh teri.”  you utter on a freezing Delhi winter morning. 

In a nutshell, to feel like a local, learn to speak like them.

There’s another thing you can pick up from the locals. 

Try The Local Food

Every place has its own flavour. Quite literally. Ask the locals for different snack/dish/drinks recommendations. And try them all. Once your taste buds fall in love with the city, your heart will follow.

But besides a new cuisine, there’s something else you can discover. 

Find The New You

This is a new chapter in your story. And it’s an excellent opportunity for a plot twist. Try a new hobby, sport or project. Discover something about yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

Speaking of finding things, you should also…

Find Your Go-to Spots

So you like music? Find the hottest live venue. You’re a dramatics enthusiast? There’s bound to be a theatre nearby. Love being on the football field? Look up the best football cages in town. 

There’s nothing like your favourite pass-time to help you settle into the groove.

But till you find those spots, there’s something else that can help you settle in. 

Bring A Bit Of Your Home With You

A new city won’t feel so new if you surround yourself with things familiar to you. A photo of the family trip, a gift from that special someone or anything else that’ll help your new environment feel like home. 

You can trust us on that last tip. At Stanza Living, we pride ourselves on helping youngsters feel at home in strange new cities across the country. That’s what makes us your second home.