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October 04, 2022

5 Best Tips To Follow While Renting A Unisex PG In Hyderabad

If you’re on the mission to find the best unisex PG in Hyderabad, you must begin the search with several factors to consider in mind. And if you aren’t specific enough while searching, you’ll either end up paying too much or settling for a lower level of quality than what you’re actually looking for. So this guide goes into some of those important factors you should keep in mind while searching for your next unisex PG in Hyderabad.

And in case you want a unisex hostel in Hyderabad that’s already got everything you need, want, and wish for, then look further than our Stanza Living residences in the city. After all, we’ve figured out what works best for young folks like you on our long journey of curating and now managing 450+ residences across 24 cities including Hyderabad. So all we’re saying is that you can take the easy way out by moving in with us. Or you could start from scratch, note down these tips mentioned below and then finally settle in your dream PG in the city of Nizams. Your call.

Best Tips to Follow While Renting a Unisex PG in Hyderabad

5 best tips to follow while renting a unisex PG in Hyderabad:

Search for Options Online

Thank god, you don’t have to search for rental places by running around and looking for To-let signs like before. Now, you can just Google for rental places and a ton of online rental listings will come up on your screen. But if that doesn’t work out for ya, the easier way to go about it would be to search for managed accommodation networks like Stanza Living. On our website, all you gotta do is enter your city, your preferred locality and then select among the plenty of residents we’ve got in that area. The only thing we have to say is that be careful of fraud online listings. Most of them make more promises than they actually deliver. Like the promotional fanfare made around Brahmastra before its release.

Check Out the Distance From Your Institute

It’s important to find out how far away your institute or college is located from your PG. It will not only save you time and energy, but it will make a much smaller dent in your monthly spending too. And the more money saved in your pocket, the more adventures you can go on with your friends like trying out new cuisine. But wait, nope. Why even try new cuisines when you live in a city that’s got the best biryani on earth?

Check the Amenities Provided

Before you rent a unisex PG in Hyderabad, make sure that it has all the amenities you need. Because fair warning, most of the local PGs will not offer all of them. While some might just offer make-do meals, others will just put an old AC in your room and be done with it on the ‘providing amenities’ bit. So be careful when looking for these. If you’re gonna spend a hefty amount on your rent anyway, better get some convenience in return, no?

Visit the Paying Guest Accommodation Personally

It is better to visit a PG personally or in the worst-case scenario, at least get a video before taking it on rent. This will help you know about the place and also about the host family or owner of the PG accommodation. Plus, this way, you get to figure out whether the place is actually well-connected. Or it takes you to change two autos and then a bus just to reach your campus.

Check the Cost and Contracts

The cost of renting a PG in Hyderabad varies depending on various factors, such as the location, facilities, amenities provided, and the quality of services offered. So you’ll need to take all of these into account and then compare the costs between your shortlisted PGs. After that, choose the ones that’s offering you the most value for money. But your work does not end there. So before signing any contract, clearly understand all terms and conditions. Also, do not forget to ask for any hidden charges from the owner or manager of the PG. This way, you’ll not face any unsavory surprises later after moving in. So there’s that.

FAQs on Renting a PG on Hyderabad

Can I Get a Unisex PG Near My College in Hyderabad?

Yes, you can! There are many PGs that are within walking distance from the colleges and universities in the city. And the easiest way to find them is to head to our website at Stanza Living.

Can I Make My Own Rental Agreement Online?

To make your own rental agreement online, just follow these steps below:

  • Find a rental agreement template online
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Pay the necessary charges
  • Download or get it delivered to your doorstep
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