3 Common Moving Nightmares and How to Prevent Them

3 Common Moving Nightmares and How to Prevent Them

Looking for a house for rent in Chennai? Or a house for rent in Bangalore? Or a house for rent in any other big city? Well, that’s no biggie. Because as much as house-renting is taxing, there’ll be plenty of people to help you out with it. Though, when the date of moving arrives, it usually comes along with a series of unfortunate events i.e a few moving nightmares that’ll spoil your day. But don’t you panic, bro. We’ve arrived before time – like your annoying maths teacher back in school – to guide you through them and avoid them like a pro.

Coz hey, unlike house-renting, there aren’t many people who will warn you about these moving nightmares beforehand. Though, we, at Stanza Living, know exactly about the things that young migrants like you have to face when moving into a new city for the first time. And yes, we surely got the credibility for you to trust our word. Why wouldn’t you? We have the experience of housing more than 80,000 + of your peers (go stanzas!) at our Stanza Living residences and managed apartments in 24+ cities. And when we say ‘apartments’, they’re not just ordinary apartments. In fact, our managed flats come with professional housekeeping, a seamless wifi connection, and a 24×7 tech-enabled security. Sounds cool, we know. But you know what’s cooler? Our apartments are fully-furnished with dedicated workstations and fully loaded kitchens. So you don’t have to run around shopping for every little thing. Basically, since everything is already sorted, moving in here is a breeze. But even if you’re not shifting to one of our apartments, we’re ready to assist you with everything you need. Like pointing out the most common moving nightmares for you below. With that covered, shifting into your new house will be as easy as counting 1,2,3.

Most Common Moving Nightmares

Okay, we’re here to ward off moving nightmares for you. Take a look below:

Looking for spacious flats with dedicated workstations and fully-loaded kitchens? Just check out our Stanza Living managed apartments.

Bad Planning and Packing

Yep, you might think that packing a few bags and sending some couriers is all there is to moving into a new city. But sorry to break your bubble, when you have a lifetime of memories to pack – and mum’s 10,000 bottles of achaar – the day of moving can end up feeling like a nightmare. And in case you’re moving your furniture too, just paying random packers and movers won’t mean the end of your trouble. You have to do prior research about them and make sure all your precious items are packed and named in the order. That way, your unpacking will be so smooth, that you can even put a camera and shoot an ASMR unpacking video lol.

Traffic Issues and Moving in Peak Season

Moving to a new city during peak season (like the time when colleges reopen) can bring you a lot of trouble. If you’re still underestimating it, let us paint a picture. Imagine paying triple the usual flight fare. Spent the first few hours stuck in traffic in the new city. And your couriers getting so delayed, you end up buying half of those items to survive in your new apartment. Don’t like that picture? Then just time your move well. And you’ll end up being as happy during your first week as Baba Sehgal has been through his entire life.

Not Carrying Essential Items

One of the most common mistakes that folks often do is pack things thinking long term. We don’t mean that’s bad, but you’ve also got to think short-term and pack a few essential items for your comfy first night in the new place. And that may include your basic toiletries, a pair of flip flops, and a blanket, or two if it’s winter. Or you’ll have to walk around looking for things in an unknown neighborhood like a lifestyle channel host. But one who’s looking for sunsilk sachets instead of French gourmet restaurants.

FAQs on Moving into a New City

Which are the Most Common Moving Nightmares?

Without a doubt, these are the worst of the worst moving nightmares:

  • Bad planning and packing
  • Traffic issues, moving in peak season
  • Not carrying essential items

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