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15 Fun Things To Do With Your Roommates During The Lockdown

15 Fun Things To Do With Your Roommates During The Lockdown

Sep 3, 2020

The only option we are left with is to Flutter like a bee from the kitchen to the next corridor, Lockdown has brought our lives to a total standstill and for the migrators, it’s an even more horrifying time lapse! Many students and working professionals are having a hard time during this lockdown as they’re away from their families. But, your roomie is your family in your new city, right? So, how about strengthening your bond during this lockdown and make it more fun with them? Sounds, perfect!

Here’s a list of 15 things that you can do with your roomie and make your lockdown period memorable:

1.Have A Therapeutic Gossip Session

There’s nothing that can beat the old-school gossip sessions, you’ll realize in no time your roomie and you’ll develop the habit of sharing things that you’ll find it hard to keep things to yourself only.

2.Bond Over Food

 Food is the best approach to bond hearts and to have a decent beginning for a fresh start. Preparing food together can enable you to know about each other well.

3.Watch Friends Together

FRIENDS is one evergreen show that no one gets tired of even after watching it a hundred times, So how about watching FRIENDS together and becoming the best of friends for life?

4.Have A Workout Session Together

Exercise not exclusively will be an extraordinary choice to remain fit separately yet in addition an approach to build a stronger bond.

5.Switch Your Hobbies

Everyone knows about their respective hobbies and enjoy doing so, how about switching your hobby with your roomie and trying that out? This will further help you know them better and do something else apart from your likes.

6.Be The New Maids Of Your House

Clean your house together, doing it together will make your work wind up faster and will be of great benefit to both of you to maintain sanity during this pandemic

7.Have A Virtual Weekend Party

Staying inside during weekends can be equally fun, organize a virtual party with your mutual friends, and chat all the way with them via zoom calls.

8.Work On Your Moves

How about being each other’s judge and having a ‘Nach Baliye’ session in your PG? Hit youtube and learn new dance moves, and motivate each other to try something different.

9.Be Each Other’s Stylist

Online shopping is the only flex millennials adore, so how about styling and giving a new look to your roomie and vice-versa? Have a refreshing styling session and have a gala time.

10.Movie Nights Are Evergreen

The typical Friday movie nights are no longer an option, but you can stream it online and grab a bucket of popcorn and a bottle full of cooldrink and enjoy along with your roomie.

11.Work Together

Working from home can be boring at times, try and work together with your roomie so that you have a company all the time.

12.Have A Virtual Dinner With Each Other’s Family

Get to know your roomie’s family better and have a virtual dinner with them via zoom calls. This way you’ll form a deeper bond with them too.

13.Try And Start Reading A Book

Start a book with your roomie and bet on it who can finish it faster? This way you’ll increase your knowledge too.

14. Have A Grooming Day

Indulge in a grooming session with your roommate and finally, you can try to follow a ten-step skin care beauty regime. 

15.Revamp Your House

Since you aren’t supposed to step out of your houses, you can revamp your space by doing some DIY’s and you’ll find an explosive number of videos on youtube!

These are some of the things that one can do with their roomie to make their lockdown interesting and fun.