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Palma House

Class One Hostel Property, 18, Pedda Rushikonda, Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam
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Attached Washroom
Spacious Cupboard


Hot and Delicious Meals
High-Speed WIFI
Professional Housekeeping
Spacious Refrigerator
Washing Machine
Hot Water Supply

Details of Palma House

In a PG in Vizag, you'll find a PG. But in Palma House by Stanza Living, you'll find a second home. To begin with, all the home-like comforts you're used to are waiting for you in this fully-furnished residence. Housekeeping services so you don't have to spend time cleaning your room, and can instead stream your favorite movies thanks to our high-speed internet. Also, the delicious, nutritious meals that won't let you miss home-cooked food. Another offering that makes Palma House feel like a place truly meant for you is our tech-enabled living experience, courtesy the one-of-a-kind Stanza Living - Resident App and other tech-integrations. But of course, we don't believe technology can replace old-school human connection. That's why we regularly organize movie screenings, game nights, and other such events and workshops so you can bond with your fellow residents and, in no time, they start feeling like your Stanza Living family. And when it comes to members of our family, we believe they deserve best-in-class protection against COVID-19. In fact, we're already implementing all safety measures - from regular sanitization to thermal monitoring - to keep you safe once you move in. All in all, when the comforts, technology, and community come together, Palma House leaves behind all the local PGs in Rushikonda. And if you pay your second home a visit, it will definitely leave a great first impression.

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