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Stanza uses technology to conceptualise contemporary solutions to further the quality of your life. Technology and innovation are woven into the very fabric of our identity - we want to create a connected Stanza ecosystem through the internet of things.

The Stanza student app is your command to us. A common companion that we share - the technology-driven state-of-the-art app aims to get the pulse of student needs at all times and provide important information around the latest developments happening in your residence. It also allows us to operate efficiently and scale quickly.

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smarter internet

A never-seen-before internet experience that combines high-speed, dedicated connection with speed consolidation, and 24-hour backup support so you're never off the grid. We've incorporated the smartest and latest cutting-edge solution to avoid any network failures and ensure consistently greater speed.

high-tech security

Stanza residences are equipped with advanced security systems to provide you with a safe and secure environment. Geo-fencing and motion sensors are used in tandem to prevent any unauthorised entry into the residence premises. A 24-hour central command centre and an on-ground Rapid Response Team help us in emergency management.

complaint management

Our technology platform allows us to identify and address issues faster than ever before. Seamless technology integration with our partners, our on-ground support team and our central operations, not only provides swift action but also updates you with real-time tracking of your complaint status.

machine learning algorithms

We put machine learning to a noble cause of understanding your preferences to actively make your life at Stanza better than ever. From building insights on your food preferences to understanding your lifestyle choices, from maintaining our services and amenities through a proactive IoT enabled system to minimizing food wastage, our algorithms are designed to adapt to your daily needs and not the other way round.

seamless consumer experience

Stanza systems are designed and enabled to simplify a student's life completely. Our on-boarding and KYC processes are paperless, we support automated payments and provide real-time invoicing updates, students as well as parents benefit from continuous, round the clock mobile notifications and updates and check-out processes at the end of your stay are transparent and automated.


Our intranet services are devised to always keep you connected to your fellow Stanzens in the residence, whether it is for late night hunger pangs or last-minute notes exchange - the Stanzanet is always at your fingertip to make community living a fun and delightful experience.


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